To Do

The following items are the extensive list of things we need to do after handover.  Some items are necessary before we move in, others are required shortly after, or just nice to haves.

  1. New cot for number 2 (arriving in June)
  2. install kitchen appliances
  3. curtains (ordered)
  4. light fittings
  5. toilet roll holders
  6. new crossover and reinstate the old to nature strip
  7. driveway and front path
  8. front fence/retaining wall and letterbox
  9. underground water tank
  10. clothes line
  11. air conditioning
  12. data cabling fit off
  13. TV Aerial
  14. Cable Internet
  15. tile front portico
  16. tile rear portico
  17. Front screen door
  18. pathway from laundry to backyard
  19. raised veggie garden
  20. landscaping to front and rear
  21. replace front door
  22. laundry cabinetry
  23. butlers pantry cabinetry
  24. doors to Sitting Room (study)
  25. wine fridges
  26. New couches
  27. New Television
  28. book case fit-out for study
  29. lawn mower & whipper snipper, wheel barrow, garden hoses, compost bin
  30. Garage storage shelving & bench
  31. Thermostatic valves for bedroom Hydronic Heating

Hmmm, so we should have all this sorted by the time O leaves home!


  1. LOL, there is so much to do here Nat!!! When will you find the time with new bub? Have you got an ipad for trawling the net when up late at night feeding bubs? THe internet was my saviour with Hamish... its so quiet and you can do it in the dark :)

    1. Hi Kirsten,

      Yes there is heaps to do and I'm sure it will still be a similar looking list in years to come! I do have an iPad thankfully - it will definitely be my late night entertainment!

      You're right, I won't find time for most of the items in the next 12 months with a new bub and a very clingy demanding 22 month old! Argghhh, the things we do to ourselves!