Thursday, 7 March 2013

Full Tank

Our landscape architect sent me an email a few weeks ago advising me that he forgot to ask the plumber to install a silt pit when they put the tank in, which means all the leaves in the gutters and various other muck will have been going straight into the tank since it was installed a couple of months ago.

Rather than pay the plumber another few hundred dollars to come back and do what arguably should have been factored into the total job price, I sourced the relevant parts from a local plumbing supplies store and Paul installed the pit himself last weekend.

Unfortunately the stormwater pipe placement means we couldn't locate the pit in a future garden bed - the pipe runs entirely under the proposed lawn area.  Not quite sure at this point why I paid a landscape architect to design - and project manage - I would have thought these are the very details he should have taken care of.

Anyway, I'm thinking of redesigning the garden beds out the front so we can disguise the pit behind plants, and perhaps do away with a lawn altogether.

As it turns out, we were a little too late with the pit installation anyway.  Paul lifted the lid of the tank...and IT'S FULL!  I can't believe it.  We had practically no rain in January, but a good few days of rain in Feb and it's been enough to fill 20,000 litres!

Tank full to the brim in only 2.5 summer months!

Now if we could only afford to install a pump we could actually use the water for our garden!  Every time we water the vegetable patch I cringe at the thought of all that 'free' water underground we can't yet access!

I discovered that our local council offers a 7% rebate for the purchase price of a tank (in addition to the Federal Govt rebate for installing a tank and plumbing it to toilets and/or laundry).  It's not a huge amount, but anything is better than nothing!

Paul has also been researching digital irrigation systems so he can remotely control it using computer, iPhone, etc.  The only one he's found so far is from the US and there doesn't seem to be an Australian distributor (yet).  Looks like a great idea, though.  Imagine being on holiday and being able to check the local weather for rain (or your own personal backyard weather station) and turn on your irrigation system at home!

Irrigation Caddy

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