Sunday, 17 February 2013

Landscape Plans

There's been no progress on landscaping since the installation of the tank - we're going to have to wait until I finish maternity leave and hence resume two incomes before the next phase can be executed.

Here's the big picture of what we're working towards.  It's a 5+ year project in reality, due to the expense.  We'll have drainage, levelling and retaining walls all professionally done, and things like garden edging, soil introduction and planting we'll do ourselves.

The tiles and plant species listed aren't necessarily what we'll go for, they're just suggestions by the landscape architect.

The front yard:

The back yard:

Key priorities for the next phase are:

  • Concrete path to side of house
  • Drainage and retaining walls and steps in backyard
  • Concrete slab for sunken courtyard area (for future tiling)
  • Front fence and retaining walls in front yard

It would be a dream to have this and a backyard lawn done by the time Lucas is walking.  Oli isn't fussed - he loves using the clay embankment as a slide (but Mum is a little over all the washing and torn knees!  Not that landscaping will stop that, I'm under no illusion of that!)

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