Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Progress in the Patch

I've been enjoying our vegetable garden in the last few months - it's the first time I've attempted to grow my own food and has turned out to be the perfect time in my life to attempt it, as I'm home every day on maternity leave.

Currently we're enjoying a multitude of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley and basil.  The strawberries are no longer flowering or fruiting (much to Oliver's dismay) so it looks like we'll have to wait till next season for more of those.

Favourite tomato
(came in a mix of heirloom seeds so not sure what it is.  I think perhaps Black Russian)

I planted beetroot seeds last month and have been enjoying the leaves in salad.  I'm careful not to take too many leaves or it will be at the expense of the beetroot bulb!


Our small chilli plant is sporting about 15 chillies.  I'm looking forward to when they turn red.

Cayenne Chillies

I haven't bought any carrot seeds, but I have what appear to be carrot seedlings popping up all over the patch.  I suspect they came amongst other seeds I bought.  Hopefully they'll do ok and I'll have a free harvest!

Surprise seedlings!
Left: is that a carrot?!  Centre: Beetroot I'd given up on germinating  Right: Thai basil

Lebanese cucumber

2nd Round of Cos Lettuce

Second patch of late season plantings (sugar lump tomatoes)

Diggers Heirloom Mini Yellow Capsicum

Diggers Heirloom mini chocolate capsicum



Cheeky snail - trapped!

Truss tomatoes


Late season plantings

In a couple of weeks I'll be preparing the beds for winter crops of garlic, fennel and onions (well that's the plan anyway!).

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Landscape Plans

There's been no progress on landscaping since the installation of the tank - we're going to have to wait until I finish maternity leave and hence resume two incomes before the next phase can be executed.

Here's the big picture of what we're working towards.  It's a 5+ year project in reality, due to the expense.  We'll have drainage, levelling and retaining walls all professionally done, and things like garden edging, soil introduction and planting we'll do ourselves.

The tiles and plant species listed aren't necessarily what we'll go for, they're just suggestions by the landscape architect.

The front yard:

The back yard:

Key priorities for the next phase are:

  • Concrete path to side of house
  • Drainage and retaining walls and steps in backyard
  • Concrete slab for sunken courtyard area (for future tiling)
  • Front fence and retaining walls in front yard

It would be a dream to have this and a backyard lawn done by the time Lucas is walking.  Oli isn't fussed - he loves using the clay embankment as a slide (but Mum is a little over all the washing and torn knees!  Not that landscaping will stop that, I'm under no illusion of that!)