Thursday, 22 November 2012


We celebrated a milestone in our household a few weeks ago: Lucas began rolling over from his back to his tummy.  It made me realise that it won't be long now before he's on the move, making his way across the floor to investigate any object which takes his fancy or simply just crosses his path.  And this thought leads me to think about safety.

Even though Oli is only 2 years old and household safety is therefore still a very recent memory (and still very relevant), we haven't had an infant in this particular house before.  Whilst it was relatively easy to childproof our previous 2nd storey apartment when Oli was a baby, a larger house on the ground floor is a whole new daunting task!  A strategically placed coffee table and a few padded corner edges isn't going to cover all the bases this time!

Ikea Patrull safety plug

Furniture used to obscure every powerpoint in the apartment, but our new sparsely furnished house means powerpoint covers are on the shopping list.

Ikea Patrull fingerguard for doors

We only had 3 internal doors in the apartment and were happy to use a simple wedge to keep little hands from playing with them, but with 14 doors in the new house and a 2 year old who won't take care in opening or closing them we are going to have to invest in a better solution.

It turns out Ikea has a great range of child safety equipment for the home, as does BigW and Bunnings.

Another safety topic I've been lax in addressing in the past is fire.  Time to head to Bunnings for a fire extinguisher and fire blanket for the kitchen and also the car (given both sets of grandparents live in rural areas).

It's also time to make sure the first aid kits (bathroom and car) are fully stocked.  Here's a great checklist I came across.  Although most of the items are logical, I would have missed a few myself.  So I've decided to type up a small inventory list of these items and store it in each first aid kit so it's always easy to check and replenish stock levels.

St Johns First Aid Kit from Officeworks

Lastly, after a choking incident with Oli when he was small I really shouldn't put off doing a child first aid course.  There are various agencies who run them in the Melbourne area, including St Johns Ambulance and the Red Cross, and some even come to your house if you organise a group of adults.

In my research I discovered St Johns even have an iPhone and Android application on safety!  But of course they do, there's an app for everything now!

St Johns iPhone Application

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  1. What a great post! Whilst my fiance and I don't currently have children, we are hoping to one day have a family. Plus we will have little visitors from time to time. This has helped me think about what we would need to do to make our house safer for them. Thanks.