Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Getting Crafty

Inspired by my sister in law, who pinned the following rug on Pinterest, I decided to join her in taking up crotchet!  I haven't done anything crafty since school and for someone who is in a very technical profession it's a little out of character for me, but I guess there's a need to be creative in some capacity!  Or maybe it's the soothing methodical nature of doing something repetitive?

Source: Meet Me at Mikes

In any case, a quick trip to Lincraft to pick up a crotchet hook (or 4!), some wool and a 'Learn to Crotchet' booklet, I was on my way...or so I thought.

My first stumbling block turned out to be the fact that I'm left handed.  So following little illustrations in a book had me all confused trying to do things backwards (the book suggested left-handers look at the pictures in the mirror - would it really have hurt them to print alternative pictures for the 4 or 5 they had drawn?! - [cue a lifetime of 'lefty' rage])

So with some frustration I turned to YouTube...and discovered a wealth of left handed crotchet tutorials.  I love it - the web has everything you could think of!  It only took me about half an hour and I had the makings of my first granny square.  I decided to do it in a 'solid square' pattern rather than the typical granny square as this will mean there'll be less holes in the blanket for my little boys to get fingers and toes caught in (those of you grew up with crotchet rugs on the couch will know what I mean!)

Here's my first attempt.  I don't have the joining corner right - it's taken me until my fourth square to work out which chain to pick up to complete each row (at 5 rows apiece that's 20 times before I got it right - not counting the amount of times I pulled the rows out and tried again!).  Practise makes perfect - only about another 100 or so squares to go before I have enough for a throw to adorn the couch!

My first crotchet solid granny square

I'm thinking of making a chevron throw also as I have the patterns for the following two pictured.   (Other than the colour, the main difference is whether to have decorative holes in the zig zag point, and the thickness of the wool):

Which brings me to my second stumbling block.  After following the American woman on YouTube for my first crotchet attempt and then using a Patons branded pattern for the chevron throw I discovered (after much head scratching and reading, and re-reading and studying diagrams with much intense, eye-squintingly up-close scrutiny) that US and UK crotchet stitches are named differently.  Not just that, but worse they use the same name for different stitches!  I'd been happily 'double crotcheting' the solid granny square, and when trying to learn how to 'treble' crotchet for the chevron throw, found the book to be showing me a double crotchet stitch...?!  A quick text message to my sister in law and she confirmed that US 'double' crotchet stitch is the same as a UK/Aus 'treble' crotchet stitch.  Good - no new stitches to learn then!

I've done the first two rows of the chevron throw to confirm I can follow the pattern and it turns out it's not hard at all!  Speed will come with time I'm sure.  In the meantime, back to my granny squares to perfect my tension and joining rows...and complete one project before getting distracted by another!

Speaking of distraction; man I'd love to crotchet the following rug from there's something to aspire to!
Aura Home crotchet throw in aqua

Source: Domayne Online

Source: Aura home on Facebook

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  1. Yeah baby! Love it. I got totally into craft after both Caitlin and Benjamin. Did a couple of paintings that people seem to comment on frequently and a few other little projects for the children.