Friday, 26 October 2012

Dining Room

The stretcher bars for my Marimekko fabric arrived at the art supplies store earlier this week (I had to order the sizes I wanted as they didn't have them in stock).  I purchased the fabric from Kiitos and pine stretcher bars from Zart.

About half an hour with a staple gun and - vwallah! some colourful artwork for the Dining Room.

Of course, I forgot to buy some wire and eyelets from the art store so it's only leaning on the wall niche at the moment.  Who knows when I'll actually get round to hanging it (although I quite like it low so it's at eye level when seated at the table).  Also, I believe it's meant to hang in the other direction (i.e. purple stripe running vertically down the left) but given our niche is wider than it is higher, I like the direction running horizontally.

Paul had this lovely vintage Danish rosewood dining table when I moved into his apartment, and it fit the space well there, as well as his previous house, but is a little too small for our present dining space.  It is extendable but would you believe it, is too long when extended.  We plan to get a 2m x 1m table sometime in future.  As lovely as rosewood is, it does dry out quite easily and I don't love the smell of Linseed oil, so we'll probably choose something different.  We bought the vintage Rosewood chairs to match the table a couple of years ago (both the table and chairs are from Danish Vintage Modern in Adelaide) and I can't bear to part with them - it will be hard enough to lose the table - so we're thinking maybe a timber colour that will contrast the chairs.  Anyway, that's a purchase for another day...quite a fair distance into the future I imagine.

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  1. Art looks fab! I thought about doing the same too...probably even blogged about it many moons ago. Dining setting is gorgeous too.