Sunday, 28 October 2012


My upholstered bedhead from Temple & Webster arrived a couple of weeks ago and already I can hardly recall what the room looked like without it!

I'm really happy with the quality of it, especially given I bought it online - sight unseen other than the picture below from the website.  Turns out it was a good representation as it was just as I expected.

Now if only I was actually sleeping in my own bed, I could appreciate it to its full extent!   Paul and I vacated our bedroom a month ago as I was getting tired of feeding young Lucas every 2 or 3 hours overnight and instead of moving him to his room and risk his protests waking our two year old, Paul and I moved to his room.  Over the last week he's reduced to only waking once a night and last night actually slept right through, so fingers crossed that continues and we'll perhaps have our own room back next weekend...

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  1. Nat, is so lovely!!! How great will it be to return to sleeping there once bubs is settled in his own room. I remember all too well the night waking. We were all crammed into the tiny upstairs, 3 bedrooms that would fit in our master/ensuite in the new house!!! I think Lachie just got used to the noise at night and slept through it eventually. Good luck!

    Ps. wish I had of bought one of those bedheads. I am waiting for Cam to make mine. But with all of the stuff going on outside, it will have to wait :( booo