Monday, 10 September 2012

Bedhead Purchase

I have long wanted a tufted headboard for the master bedroom, after years of only having a mattress and base and pillows to decorate.  My favourite has been The Richmond from Heatherly Designs, but at around $1000 was a little out of my price range.

The Richmond
Heatherly Designs

I had therefore resigned myself to making my own bedhead after seeing DIY instructions on another blog ( but then last week, up popped an affordable solution!

For those who haven't come across it before, Temple & Webster is an online store that source various homewares and offer them at discount prices on the website for a limited period (subscription is free).  Last week they were selling headboards and this is my purchase.  At just over $400 (plus $30 odd in shipping) it's not far off what it would have cost me to make my own (minus the frustration and potential novice look!)

I am looking forward to receiving it sometime in the next 2-4 weeks.  Photos in situ to come!

P.S. Sorry for the 2 blank posts last week, I left Blogger open on the iPad and my 2 year old couldn't resist those big orange buttons for 'new post' and 'publish'!

Blogging: anyone can do it! ;)


  1. Lol your two year old is a natural blogger and great find on the bed head!

  2. Looks lovely Nat. I cant wait to see it insitu.