Friday, 24 August 2012

The Hunt for a Chevron Rug

Inspired by the photo below from, which has our Nelson pendant light, I have been trying to find a black and white (or ivory) chevron rug for our family room and have found rug stores in Melbourne (apart from the really expensive ones in High St) seriously lacking in patterned rugs.  Although admittedly, I've mostly been trying to find one online to save running around (having 2 boys under 2 is a massive constraint in trying to get around the shops!).

I have found the following rugs on US websites but I don't think they'll ship rugs to Australia, particularly in the size I want - at least 2m x 3m.  I'm not sure whether it's a size/weight thing or a restricted import item.  West Elm ship to Oz but won't ship the rug I want, but I don't think the price is competitive outside Australia anyway.  Coincidentally I read they are opening their first store outside the US in Sydney next year, so perhaps I'll wait until then.

Home Value Chevron Rug - Rugs USA

Milliken Chevron Rug - Rugs USA

Alexa Hand Tufted Wool Chevron Rug -

ZigZag Rug - West Elm

Has anyone seen a large black and white chevron rug in an Australian store that they can point me in the direction of?...


  1. Ecochic which is an Australian company but pretty expensive for the size you were after.

    Another company is Overstock I haven't followed this one throughout but it looks like they will send to Australia.

    There was one other that is Bayliss .

    Clearly I love these rugs and would be very interested if you track one down!!

  2. I'm sad to say that there isn't much point looking in Aust, Nat! I would go with Overstock or use a third party shipping company (Price USA comes highly recommended) and buy from Rugs USA. If you subscribe to Rugs USA(if you haven't already) they have very regular sales. I can't vouch for the quality of the product, but I know you'll find the look you're after there.

    Good luck. I absolutely love all the rugs above!!


  3. Try urban outfitters. THey have free shipping orders over $50 and they have a few chevron rugs.

  4. I also want that same Rugs use rug :)

    Wish they would post to Australia... or that I lived in the States ... Sigh...

    Let us know how you go!


  5. Hi all you Chevron rug lovers, We sell the chevron rugs at Jolie Interiors in Brisbane but we can post all over Australia. They're well priced ind availiable in a 2 x 3m too. see our facebook page www.facebook/jolieinteriors or call the store Tues- sat 0732695775.

  6. There is a shop on Etsy, KittyandPearl, who is selling hand painting Chevron rugs which aren't that expensive.

  7. Designer Rugs have just released a black and white chevron rug, they are on sale now; $792 for a 1.6*2.3m or $1,192 for a 1.9*2.8m rug.