Thursday, 5 July 2012

Post Handover Activities

This first week of possession has been a busy week of deliveries.  Monday the kitchen appliances arrived and the hydronic heating was commissioned.  There's a problem with the Rumpus room radiator, which doesn't heat up for some reason so they have to come back to look at it.  The incoming pipe is hot but the panel itself doesn't heat up.  The guy who commissioned it left a key and instructions on how to 'bleed' the radiators as sometimes when you first install there can be air bubbles in the panels that prevent the water flowing, but Paul bled it for quite a while and no air was in it and it didn't resolve the issue.  Every other room is nice and cosy though :)

The kitchen and laundry mixers were plumbed back to front, so hot was cold and cold was hot, but the plumber came back yesterday and fixed them.

Our wonderful King Jasper sofa was delivered yesterday also.  The size is perfect I think, so the last minute change to a smaller modular layout was a good decision in the end.

The dishwasher was delivered today also and while Paul waited for that he painted the feature wall in our Master Bedroom.  It's Dulux Timeless Grey.

Tomorrow I'll be at the house while Victory install all the curtains.  I can't wait for this!

The kitchen appliances are being installed Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday our air conditioning gets installed (on my birthday - yay nice present!)

I've also organised Phone and Internet connections for Monday 16th.  I can't wait for Cable 100mb - and it's $20 a month cheaper than our current Phone and ADSL plan and no installation costs!  Telstra are doing the phone connection as a 'moving house' order so there's no connection fee - saving $299 and doing the Internet as a new connection and the promo is currently free installation.  So pleased, wasn't expecting to get away without installation charges!

The only item left to organise is our electrician to connect all our light fittings.  A phone call for tomorrow...

Moving day is looking like Tuesday 17th!


  1. Love the feature wall, Nat. It looks great!

    How amazing will it be to wake up in your brand new house on your birthday (if the move goes ahead on Tuesday)! Time to celebrate!!!!


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