Friday, 20 July 2012

"Love Where You Live"

Yes thank you Metricon, we do indeed love where we live!  It's so nice to be in the house, albeit extremely frustrating that having a 6 week old and 23 month old means we don't get much time to unpack our boxes - or make considered decisions as to where things should live (think which drawer for pots and pans and which for glasses and mugs?  Ah, such a nice problem to have a large kitchen with plenty of storage options)!

Our gift from Metricon

It's been a mad flurry of activity at the house in the past week.  We moved ourselves in last Sunday with some bare basics to get us through for a couple of days until the movers brought the large items on Tuesday.

We now have airconditioning installed, although they were missing a power pack for the control panel so have to come back to commission it.  They also needed an Internet connection to configure the panel - it connects to your router so you can control it with an iPhone or iPad.  It must be relatively new technology (MyAir) because the electrician didn't know how to configure it and instead the Sales guy will have to come and set it up for us (he's on leave at the moment).

If anyone's in the market for airconditioning, I can highly recommend Coldflow from our experience.  They arrived early in the morning with a team of electricians, plumbers and the like and set about installing ducting, the external unit, etc. and cleaned up all the debris and rubbish.  Very friendly installers, neat and tidy and didn't make a mess of our new house ;)

Our electrician has installed our light fittings too.  Of all those we purchased, I'm loving our George Nelson lights in the Family Room the most.  They were well worth the expense!  Unfortunately our Artichoke light was the wrong colour (we ordered white but received silver) so the electrician couldn't fit this over the Dining table when he was here.  We still have other electrical works to do, so he'll be back in a few weeks to install it then.  I received the replacement white fitting this morning so we're good to go now!

Phone and Internet was installed on Monday, hence I now have an opportunity to get back to blogging when both boys are asleep!

Will post some pics when the house is looking less like a bomb site!


  1. Congratulations on the first week in your new home! Very special and exciting, indeed!


  2. Congrats on the move! I can't wait to see pics when you're settled :)