Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cold (Wet) Feet...

Just when you think life is challenging enough, another challenge pops up to test your patience...

I'd just got into bed on night four in the house when Paul reports to me that walking through our Walk in Robe has made his socks wet.  Sigh...we have a water leak.

Roughly 2 meters of carpet is wet along the wall next to the ensuite in the master bedroom, of which the bath is located directly on the other side and and also backs onto the external wall that plays host to the water mains entrance to the house, the hot water tank and the hydronic boiler.  We were both too exhausted from weeks of sleepless nights with a newborn and the physical demands of the move to get emotional about it, and so we went to bed.

The next morning an inspection of the bedroom on the other side of the ensuite revealed even more water in the carpet, worse than our master bedroom.  I phone our Site Manager and he sent a plumber to the house later that morning.

After a quick call to his head office to determine the cheapest (read 'least destructive') way to investigate the problem, the plumber advises us he'll remove the bath to see if he can see the problem.  I was glad he didn't start by cutting holes in the wall.  However, before he even started to remove the bath, a closer look at the bath waste revealed the issue.

The rubber seal that is (supposed to be) fitted around the drainpipe and bath waste wasn't installed properly and consequently was only half way around the pipe.  Hence, over four days of bathing our 2 year old, half the bath water was running underneath the bath and seeping through the walls into the adjacent bedrooms.

It was lucky that Paul had only gotten around to sealing the grout in the ensuite and not the bathroom that we discovered the issue this early.  Otherwise, who knows when I would have had time to get around to using the ensuite bath myself!

After sucking about 2 litres of water out of the carpet in Bedroom 2 with my trusty old wet n dry Vax, I again called the Site Manager and requested professional carpet cleaners.  From having water leaks in my last two properties (yes I'm jinxed I'm convinced!) I know the underlay and slab won't dry without lifting the carpet and getting in blowers and I don't want a mildew problem in my nice new house, and with two very young children.

So we now have two industrial fans blowing air under our carpets in our brand new house for 4 days non stop!  That's apparently how long it takes for the slab to dry out.  The restoration guy will be back early in the week to assess any damage and write a report.

I'd have to say the plumbing has to be our worst trade on this house.  A gas leak, hot and cold taps in the kitchen and laundry plumbed back to front, a water pipe that is barely under the surface in the front yard, risers that couldn't be located for months, severing the telephone lead in with installation of the storm water run-off (and not reporting it to the Site Manager) and now a negligent fit off of a rubber seal around a frick'n pipe!  Someone should lose their job, honestly!  Surely even an apprentice knows how to fit off a bath waste properly!

The house isn't feeling quite so shiny and new anymore.  Can't wait till this little episode is well and truly behind us (and we can actually finish moving furniture, etc. into 2 of our 4 bedrooms!).  Paul returns to work tomorrow after a very generous 6 weeks off.  I'll be staring at unopened boxes and mattresses in the hallway for a few more days yet!

Oh, and the second delivery of our Artichoke light is also silver!  Another week to wait for a (hopefully) white one!  Third time's a charm?...

On the upside, a lovely neighbour from 4 doors down knocked on the door last night to introduce herself and give us a beautiful home made chocolate cake.  What a lovely gesture!  I didn't think anyone does that sort of thing anymore.

I hope the curtain guy turns up tomorrow as scheduled to install the sheer curtains in our bedroom.  Then I can stop living in the dark, or conversely advertising my wares to the street! Hehe ;)


  1. Bugger! We too had a leak, which had been an unsolvable problem due to a number of issues throughout the build. The 'fix it' guy turned up very quickly, cut back a few roof tiles to allow more run off down the drain, and luckily no problem 10 months down the track.
    Hang in there!

  2. Thinking of you sweetheart. New houses can be wonderful but sometimes take a little time to love all the little bits of character. You will make it gorgeous and these problems will fade into the back ground and you create wonderful new memories. Big hugs to all. Miss you, xoxo

  3. Ugh, what a pain. Thank goodness for finding the problem early, though.

    If you lived closer, I'd volunteer to help you move some stuff. So much more fun doing it for other people, I find!!!

    Onwards and upwards from here, including the light fitting and curtains!!


  4. Oh you poor things!!! You seriously haven't had much luck at all!!!! good on you for getting them to come and clean it properly though, you're right you don't want mildew under there. I really hope things pick up for you soon!!!!!! xxx