Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A shower is always a pleasant experience, but it's even better in a brand new ensuite!  Every day when I step into the shower, it feels like I'm staying in a resort.  Glossy new tiles, fresh clean grout, fluffy new towels (I had a voucher for Adairs and so felt justified to buy new towels last weekend!) and nothing but the smell of my chosen soap products.  Mmmm...

So today it dawned on me that we've been living in the house for two weeks now and the bathrooms are way overdue for their first proper clean!  Apologies to anyone reading who doesn't clean bathrooms - this is an entirely practical blog might want to stop reading here!

The salesperson at Beaumont Tiles advised me when we made our selections that I should only ever use diluted methylated spirits to clean the bathroom.  Apparently household cleaners are either abrasive and wear down the polished surface of tiles and glass over time, or contain various silicones and waxy type ingredients that cause buildup.  Both being prime environments for grime and mould to take hold.

I don't think I've used methylated spirits since I had my ears pierced at 6 years of age.  The smell that hit me when I opened the bottle brought back a wave of nostalgia!  It's not the nicest smell really.  Not like the lovely fresh clean smells you get when you clean your bathroom with household cleaners.  I wouldn't even describe it as a hospital disinfectant smell.  But anyway, I want to prolong the 'new' look of my tiles and grout for as long as I possibly can, so I'll continue to use it.  I must say though that it really is the best thing for mirrors anyway (along with a trusty glass cleaning cloth to dry it afterward).

Perhaps I'll clean the toilets last in my weekly ritual - so the lingering smell is the toilet cleaner, instead of the metho!


  1. Hi Nat
    We are about 2 weeks away from handover of our new house in Brisbane. I was interested to read this post re cleaning bathroom tiles. I love the shiny-ness of our tiles so I wan't to prolong it for as long as possible. If you don't mind can you please let me know the dilution formula and did you put it in a spray bottle or someting similar?

    1. Hi Em,

      For the tiles I use a bucket with 1 part metho to 10 parts warm water and a sponge and cloth. This does the walls and same ratio for the floor.

      Glass is better with a higher concentration of metho - 50/50 in a spray bottle.

      You can use metho undulated if there's any sticker residue on glass or ceramic.

      It doesn't have to be precise, I just pour a capful into a third of a bucket of water and that does most surfaces. I think it's diluted enough not to hurt laminate so I do the vanity too.

      Just beware of using on wood as it will dry it out or strip varnish over time (being alcohol).

      If you've gone for floor tiles in your main areas it will make an effective and economical cleaner!

      Enjoy your new house in a couple of weeks. Hope it goes well!

    2. Thanks very much for the info Nat! I'm a bleach queen from way back, but will be a little gentler on the new tiles! We've got timber going down in the main floor area so I'll be sure to keep it away from them!

  2. Hi Nat, it's good to see someone listens to us!
    You're spot on with your dilution, and it should keep your bathroom looking as fantastic as in the picture above.

    1. Thanks Nathan, I just hope I remain diligent with cleaning frequency!

  3. Hi, I might be wrong but I believe you can add a little fabric softner with that mix and a littl eucalyptus oil. Martha Garner receipe from way back. Hides the smell of metho! Karen

    1. Reminds me of my Mum's old home made wool wash (Lux flakes and Eucalyptus oil).

      I wonder if the oil would leave streaks though.

      Thanks for the suggestion!


  4. Hi Nat,
    Just wondering where you got that vanity light from? It looks really great and we are looking at vanity lighting solutions at the moment.

    1. The wall light is from Beacon. It's called the Edge Mirror light. We chose white but it also comes in brushed chrome. The salesperson recommended white as the brushed chrome can look a bit funny against shiny chrome tapware.