Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It's a Date!

After another 3 or 4 weeks of fixing defects, the Site Manager informs me that the Construction Manager has today signed off on the house so it can progress to QA!


The hot water system has been installed, the electrical conduit on the front portico has been boxed in timber and stained to match the lining (looks much better) and there's no more red or green stickers anywhere to be seen; indicating all the tiling, window, plaster & painting defects have been fixed.  Last week when the CM went to sign off he discovered another defect: the plaster wall nibs either side of the butlers pantry were 8mm out apparently and therefore didn't line up opposite each other.  This meant if we ever wanted to put a door on the pantry, one wall would have jutted out further than the other.  So our Site Manager spent last Saturday at the house adding 8mm to the wall between the pantry and the fridge (if you want a job done properly, then do it yourself apparently!).  Poor guy.  We're very grateful for his efforts.

Boxed electrical conduit.
Not as per display homes, but an acceptable compromise 

The QA inspector is booked for tomorrow and....wait for it...yes....PCI is this Friday morning at 9:30!  Woo hoo!

Presuming QA find some minor defects (there's always paint or plaster issues that can be discovered I'm sure), it should only take a week to turn those around and we could possibly have the keys by the end of NEXT WEEK!

There's a few little outstanding things the SS has yet to complete, but they won't stop the QA inspection:

  1. Chipped enamel on the back sliding doorstep
  2. Leaning fence in the backyard (after being undermined by the site excavation and the framers leaning the sliding doors against it) 
  3. Replace the telephone lead-in to the house (after the stormwater excavation dug it up)
  4. Replace the batteries in the smoke detectors so they stop beeping!
  5. Source new colander and chopping board inserts for our sink (which mysteriously went missing when the sink was installed)
  6. Chase up the gas retailer to install a new gas meter (the replacement was supposed to be installed Monday but wasn't)

And finally, the pre handover tasks:

  • Commission the hydronic heating system
  • Install front portico pillar lights

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!  Finger's crossed QA don't find anything major tomorrow...


  1. YAY!!!!!! I can imagine how excited you must be!!!!!! Bring on PCI on Friday morning!!! And fingers crossed all goes well :-)

  2. This is great news Nat.

    You'll be in before you know it.

    Hope the little fella is going well.

    :) Kirst

  3. I'm so excited that things are finally happening! How did PCI go yesterday?