Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 273: Settlement!!

Yes, that's right, we have the keys!  The day we've been waiting for finally came yesterday.  We have a stack of reading to do regarding the Service period, all the various certificates and warranties, and of course there's the myriad of post-handover tasks we had lined up for ourselves...

We have either paid in full or have deposits on the following items and now begins the task of organising delivery and installation:
  • Air conditioning - I called the air conditioning company last week and checked their current lead time for installation. Fortunately it's only 5-7 days at the moment and it only takes a day to install. I don't want the hassle of the plaster dust and covering furniture so we won't move until that's done. 
  • Light fittings - our spare room is full of light fittings from Luke, Beacon and Ikea and we have another pending delivery from Matt Blatt. I can't wait to get rid of all those ugly cowl shades throughout the house! 
  • Curtains - Victory have had our curtains and blinds waiting in their warehouse for a few months now. 
  • Kitchen Appliances - We purchased our rangehood, stove, oven and dishwasher over a year ago and they've been sitting in the retailer's warehouse for that long. I hope they can find them! Fortunately the warranties take effect from delivery - not purchase date! I've also got an installer lined up. 
  • Sofa - We purchased a King Furniture sofa a few months ago, which was scheduled for delivery on the 6th of June. I was able to extend that for 2 weeks without charge, but as of last week we are now paying $40 a week for King to store it. So they'll be my first phone call! 

We also have a quote to redirect the stormwater in the opposite direction across the front of the property and down the Southern side of the boundary to the kerb and channel (it currently slopes and exits the property on the North side). This is a council requirement that we move the stormwater outlet as it's presently in the location of our new driveway. I asked the drainage guys at the start of the build to do this, but my request was too late in the process. I should have picked it up on the original construction drawings. It's $2-3k we could have used for the new driveway and crossover.

The concreting quote we have is a few thousand over the figure I thought I'd generously budgeted, which is a concern as we really would have liked the driveway in for moving day, but we still need to get a couple of other quotes for comparison. The concreting work consists of:
  • Exposed Aggregate driveway in VicMix 'Bahrain Ivory' 
  • New crossover on the North side of the property 
  • Reinstate the old crossover on South side of the property to nature strip, kerb and channel 
  • Coloured concrete path along Northern side of the house in VicMix 'half black' 
  • Concrete slab to rear of property (as a base for future paving or tiles). The concreter suggested we may as well do the same coloured concrete as getting a separate truck for a small amount of plain concrete would likely cost more than ordering a little extra of the coloured concrete
VicMix Exposed Aggregate: 'Bahrain Ivory'

VicMix Coloured Concrete: 'Half Black'

We still need to get quotes for retaining walls along the driveway, front of the property and backyard. This work needs to occur before the concreting. The expensive part is dumping the soil we need to excavate - at $60 a tonne it's a costly exercise on top of the actual landscaping requirements! I'm thinking of scouring the local papers to see if anyone is requesting fill. I remember when they were building Eastlink they had ads in the paper all the time asking people for landfill. That may be a way to save a little money perhaps...

Arghhh, it's not a good time to be on a single income! Slowly but surely we'll get there!

I'm still not motivated to pack - especially with a two and a half week old baby who it feels is rarely out of my arms. Even when he is, his older brother takes his place for some cuddles and attention. Paul and I are juggling children, meals and I'm sleeping in averages of 1.5 hour blocks.  And now Oli has contracted another virus, which has also hit Paul with flu like symptoms.  Who's got time or energy to pack?!!  Seriously contemplating foregoing more money and getting the movers to do it...

Come to think of it - instead of sending flowers when Lucas was born, we should have asked friends to contribute to a 'moving fund'! Ha! Hindsight is a wonderful thing...


  1. Well done you guys. I remember the early days of bub no 2... We went to auction when Hamish was only 6 weeks old and keeping the house in order whilst juggling the kids demands was so hard.

    Why don't you call in some friends to help you with a packing party? Supply a BBQ and some beer and introduce them to your little one at the same time.

    Looking forward to seeing some piccies soon!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Yay!!! Must feel so good to have the keys!!! Have you thought about using Gumtree to advertise and search for people needing fill? There are usually a number people looking for fill. There are also private people who do removals but it depends on how desperate you are to save money, a lot of them wont have accident insurance. Your driveway choice looks lovely! Good luck with the move, hope your son and hubby feel better soon, and you get some much needed sleep!
    Mel x