Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 267: PCI!

Yesterday morning our Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) occurred.  It was a surreal feeling going through the house knowing the build process has more or less come to an end.  After monitoring all the details throughout the build, it was strange to be going over things in an official capacity 'one last time' before final payment.  Of course, we still have 3 months post build to notify M of any other defects we may discover when we move in.

It was pleasing to hear that our Site Manager is still our point of contact for these 3 months.  M used to hand it over to their Maintenance department at Settlement, but they now put the onus on the Site Managers to ensure their builds are complete and free from defects.  It then gets handed over to Maintenance after the initial 3 months.

The QA inspector went through the house as scheduled on Thursday and fortunately only found minor items such as paint runs and minor blemishes here and there, and the kitchen tap is slightly loose and needs to be tightened.  Last week they filled a dent in the aluminium front door step and spray painted it silver, which is chipping off already, so QA marked that as a defect also.  He gave the house an overall score of 99.2%.

The Site Manager has until next Wednesday to fix everything in the QA report.

Other items the SS has scheduled for repair are:

  1. The new gas meter has been installed and the plumber needs to come and connect it to the house - Tuesday
  2. Repair chipped enamel on the back sliding doorstep - Tuesday
  3. Fencer to repair the leaning fence in the backyard - Tuesday/Wednesday
  4. Replace the telephone lead-in to the house - Wednesday
  5. Commission the hydronic heating system - Thursday
  6. Install front portico pillar lights - not sure if this is post handover - contract says it is...
  7. Colander and chopping board inserts for our sink (Studio M have to order as ours went missing when the sink was installed)

We added the following items to the list during PCI:

  • Loose fly screen on one of the Family Room windows (it's slightly too small and you can push it off from inside.  Also the mesh isn't installed tightly, it's loose on one side)
  • Valve missing from the hydronic heater behind the front door.
  • A few other paint blemishes that we noticed.  We figured if the painters are coming back anyway they may as well fix these too, otherwise we probably would have let them go, they're so minor.

The QA inspector is scheduled to return next Wednesday to check all the defects have been fixed.  Assuming he signs off, the SS says we could have the keys the following day!


  1. Nat and Paul,

    What great news! Thank goodness there isnt much to fix up and by this time next week you may be swanning around in your new digs.


    1. Thanks Kirsten, here's hoping!

  2. That is great about your site manager being the point of contact! much better than a maintenance dept that have never seen the house! So close now!!!!! finally!! I have my fingers crossed for you!