Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The Site Manager called this morning to advise that all but one defect had been rectified and he expected QA to sign off when they inspect later in the afternoon.  The only outstanding item was that the fencer had not been to fix the leaning fence in the backyard due to the 3 days of rain late last week he was behind finishing another job.  This won't hold up handover thankfully!

He asked whether we'd received our final invoice, as that was the only other milestone for Settlement, and I advised I hadn't so he said he'd chase that.

Later this afternoon I received the final invoice via email from our CSC and at 5:30 I made a call to the Site Manager to say all was in order and would we have settlement tomorrow?

The Site Manager was at the house when I rang, and he sounded stressed.  When I asked if QA had signed off he said yes, no problem there...but...the plumber had called him this morning when he was connecting the gas meter to the house and discovered there was a gas leak...somewhere in the house, but who knows where!

So when QA arrived at the house just after lunch he was greeted by a plumber on the roof and some supervisors all trying to find the source of the leak.

Don't you love a long-winded, dramatic explanation?  This is how the SS explained the situation to me.  I can't describe how numb I was feeling, waiting for him to finish his explanation and get to the punchline.  In my head I'm thinking, "Do they have to pull out plaster to try and trace the leak?  How long is this going to delay handover?"  I'm starting to feel sick.

The SS continues: "So they removed a brick where the main pipe leads into the house..."

"...and found the leak.  Do you know how lucky that is, Nat?  Do you know how long it could have take to find, and how many bricks they might have had to pull out?"

Lingering sick feeling remains...waiting for sense of relief...I must be too tired from 2-3 hourly feeds of a baby round the clock because no relief comes...

Anyway, the story complete, he advises the brick has been repaired and what time can we meet tomorrow for handover?

2pm baby...2pm it's OURS!!


  1. Phew!!!! What a relief!! Yippeeee for handover tomorrow!!! Your morning is going to go soooo slowly!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Omg I just got so excited for you guys I almost cried. I guess it will become real for us too when you guys handover given we started at roughly the same time.

    Im sure you won't sleep tonight and it won't be darling Lucas keeping you up! Bring it on!