Monday, 28 May 2012

Theft Confirmed

I spoke to the Site Manager first thing this morning to ask about the missing gas meter and he confirmed that there was no legitimate reason for it to be gone.  So we've officially been robbed.  He's going to the house this morning to check it out.  I told him there's no cap on the mains line and was therefore concerned about rain getting in the line (if it hasn't already - it was pouring for a couple of days last week and given we haven't been on site between Tuesday and Sunday, we don't know when it was actually stolen).  I also wasn't sure if the tap was in the on or off position (although I'm assuming off because I didn't smell gas around the house and it surely would have been quite noticeable if it was open).

TruEnergy advised me that because the gas account is in my name I have to file a police report of the theft before the builder can start the process of getting a new meter.  It's costly to replace one apparently and the police report is the only avenue to avoid having to pay for a new one, and prove I didn't give the meter away (?!).  Fortunately it appears there's no risk of being charged for someone else's gas usage - they informed me that usually they never see the meters again - the thieves lock their gates and put their dogs in the yard so the distributor can't get access to read the meter.  Also the meter number is tied to the street address in their database so it's easy to catch the thieves if they get access to the meter.

I phoned the local police station and they allowed me to file a report over the phone thankfully, because getting out there was going to be difficult today.  I have a sick 21 month old at home and being 38 weeks pregnant I'm avoiding driving where I can.

I also phoned our CSC to advise him of the event and ask about the process to follow, but got his voicemail and left a message.

All in all, an unexpected busy morning of phone calls.  Now that one sick toddler is in bed asleep, I think I'll take the opportunity to do the same!

What's the start of a week without a drama, eh?  Although I thought giving birth would be the next drama on my list!


  1. Arrgh!!! That sucks big time!! Hopefully they now realize that their tardiness has caused the home to be a target, and will move things quickly so they can hand it over to you! I can only imagine how frustrated you must be!!! All the best with the new bub, very exciting in itself!

  2. Who steals a gas meter? What is the world coming too. At least they didn't get inside.