Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Last Mile

There's been so little progress over the last 2 weeks (well two months really!) that I couldn't bring myself to write about it. But finally this week there's a few noteworthy items ticked off the list.

The Building Surveyor conducted the final inspection as a precursor to getting the Occupancy Certificate and our CSC advised us there's 3 defects to be fixed before we can get the certificate. The correspondence was via email and he didn't elaborate on what the 3 defects were, but I know the unconnected downpipe at the rear would be one of them!

The Plasterer has finished patching all the bits and pieces around the house.

The Carpenter has trimmed the kitchen end panels so the splash back is now fully installed and the cupboards are all back together again! Finally, a completed kitchen! (well, it will be after the Sparky returns to fit off the powerpoints in the splashback).

Brickwork has had expansion joints siliconed, mortar holes patched and render applied to brickwork above lintels on the facade of the house. Not sure if they do this to the whole house or just the facade - will see next weekend if the rest are done. It's a nice finishing touch, especially to bricks that aren't solid all the way through so you don't see the holes.
The external laundry door has been replaced (thanks to our SS for making this call. Given the door is stained, any patching of the gouges was going to be visible).

The manhole has a cover and trim, and temporary door handles with locks have been installed on the external laundry and garage doors. So a full four months after paying our lockup invoice we have finally actually achieved physical lockup! It means we have no means of access (hence no photos) but I'm more than fine with that as it means no one else does either! After arriving on ANZAC day the other week and finding all the lights on in the house and the laundry door wide open (thanks to the plasterer who obviously left the house that way the night before!) I'm relieved to have some security in place. We've been so lucky not to have had any theft or vandalism occur to date. We don't need any more reasons for further delay!

The painters have applied the final coat on the front door, stained the new laundry door and given the Rumpus door one coat of stain. They'll be back Monday to continue with all the final touch ups.

The storm water has finally been connected to the kerb channel (although they pulled the phone cable out of the underground conduit in the process, it seems that has been rectified in the past week too). As I mentioned earlier, the drainage guys have still not managed to locate the riser for the unconnected downpipe out the back. I printed pictures of the pipe before and after the slab and left copies on site a week ago so they could use them to locate it. I can see they've been digging in the correct location this week, but unfortunately still have not found it. I hope it gets resolved this week, as most other items will be finished and it will then be the one thing holding up all the inspections.

The house is getting another clean early next week. It will be good to see it free from plaster dust again!

It's now 5 weeks till bubs is due.
QA -> PCI -> Handover is a minimum 3 week process.
On top of that we've got kitchen appliances, curtains, light fittings and air conditioning all lined up waiting for installation before we move in...

...then there's also a 20,000L concrete water tank to sink in the front yard and driveway to lay so we can get in the house without mud and grit...

Hmmm...the maths isn't adding up in our favour. Oh, the things we put ourselves through! What's life without challenges, eh?!


  1. Oh Nat, I was so sure you would be in with time to spare pre-baby. I can't believe they have been so slow finishing this house after everything was going so well.

    I hope it isn't stressing you too much. Maybe Paul can manage the move (if you run out of time, which hopefully you don't) and you and bub can just come straight home to a brand new house!

    Fingers crossed they get their acts together and get you into that house quick sticks.


  2. So close guys...! Hopefully the last few bits get completed without any further delays, and you can enjoy your new home with your new baby! Best of luck :)