Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 232: Walk Through

It's been an anxious week, waiting for news as to whether the Occupancy Certificate has been granted, and whether the Construction Manager did his inspection at the start of the week and has signed off for the house to proceed to QA...

I called the Site Manager Tuesday and left a voicemail asking if he would allow me to have a guy come onsite to quote the installation of our appliances.  As of Thursday lunch time I hadn't had a return phone call, nor the regular Thursday morning progress update.  So the time start ticking by really slowly all afternoon and my paranoia got worse and worse that there couldn't be good news.

So what did I do?  I'm on maternity leave - which means I have far too much time to notice the time!  I firstly checked 'My Metricon' of course - to see if there were any dates published against the Occupancy Cert milestone...  Nope.  QA date?...Nope...  :(

So then I called our Customer Service Consultant (who told me a few weeks ago he'd send through a copy of the Occupancy Cert once received).  He didn't answer the phone so I left a voicemail...

So then I called our local Council to ask if they'd received the Occupancy Certificate from the Building Surveyor...Nope.  Not that this means it hasn't been signed off, of course, I told myself.  Just that it hasn't been lodged with Council yet...

So then as a last resort, I called the Construction Manager.  I was really hesitant because I didn't want it to reflect badly on our Site Manager, who we've been really happy with all build.  But I wanted to ensure the Construction Manager knew we were having a baby in 3 weeks or so and that if the PCI date occurs at the same time I won't be able to attend, either because I'm in hospital, or for the 6 or so weeks afterward when I'm a slave to a feeding baby every 2 hours, 24 hours a day.  Attending a 4 hour PCI walkthrough would be absolutely impossible.  I therefore wanted to know:

a) how likely it was that we could achieve PCI in the next week or two, or

b) could we perhaps do a 'pre PCI' walkthrough in the next week?  Even ahead of QA - so that I could give my list now and then all Paul has to do come real PCI is make sure everything is ticked off the list.

But of course he didn't answer his phone either and so I left a rather long-winded voicemail trying to explain our timing predicament.

At 6pm our Site Manager called.  The CM had phoned him.

The good news is that he confirmed the Surveyor has signed off on the Occupancy Certificate!  Phew, that news alone was a relief!

He also confirmed the Construction Manager did his inspection on Monday and created list of items to be rectified before QA can be scheduled.  These include mostly paint and plaster blemishes, mortar blowout and a few bricks to clean, but also a few things like a cracked roof tile, wobbly guttering on the South side of the house (perhaps missing a clip or two), a loose flyscreen that is too small and a couple of tiles in the bathroom where the edge is rough or there's a lip and he wants them replaced.  I'm wary of these last ones.  To remove the tiles they'll probably damage the tapware removing it, and who can guarantee the fix isn't worse than the current state?  It's so minor aesthetically and such a risk to fix - and costs time of course!  But they seem to be very pedantic about the finishes and won't relent, so we've no choice but wait and see.

The Site Manager suggested we have a walkthrough and we scheduled one for this afternoon.  We spent a couple of hours going through the list the CM created as well as our list of issues we've been tracking throughout the build.  It was good to finally get the opportunity to point them out onsite and hand over a list in writing.

But of course the Site Manager has to fix all these defects ands then get the Construction Manager back to check they're all done (and not find any new items of course!) before they'll hand over to QA.  So this will occupy at least the next couple of weeks.

And as it turns out, my instincts must have been right because a visit to the Obstetrician today confirmed that bubs is head down and ready to go.  "Feel free to give birth any time now" were the doctor's words as I left...


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  1. Nat, I am so glad that Metricon are trying to make this home perfect for you. But, I'm so disappointed that everything was so well on track, and now you won't be in the house until post-baby. In fact, it makes me very cross given the house was effectively finished two months ago. Anyhoo, enough of me reflecting my feelings!

    Very exciting news about the little munchkin lying in wait. That news makes my heart sing!!!!!