Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 224: Some positive news

I received a call from the Site Manager this morning who was in very good spirits and pleased to report...


...that the drainage riser at the back of the house has finally been located and connected to the downpipe!  Yay!  Apparently the drainage guys were at the house last Saturday morning (along with our SS and the painters) looking for the riser, but it didn't get connected until yesterday.  Something about needing a camera, which I'm guessing means they were checking if the buried pipe had introduced any blockages.  They've also installed a stormwater inspection point at the front of the block.

The offending downpipe

Drainage Riser - present before slab

Drainage Riser - missing after slab

This now clears the way for the Certificate of Occupancy, so the Site Manager has booked the Surveyor for tomorrow.  I'm not sure how long it takes for Council to issue the CoA after the Surveyor's report, but given the Building Permit took less than a week, I'm hoping the same applies! 

The hole in the bath has been repaired and the painters have finished the touch ups, so the house is also finally ready for the Construction Manager to do his walk through and give the ok to proceed to QA.  He's booked for next Monday/Tuesday.

Then the QA team will spend about 4-5 hrs doing their inspection and they almost always find items requiring touch up, but the SS has done his best to identify and fix everything, so fingers crossed QA is a speedy process - even if the painters have to return for a dab here and there.  Then it's our turn for inspection.

Handover is finally starting to feel like a tangible milestone.  It's my last day at work tomorrow before going on maternity leave and so from next week I'll be using my time to obtain the last few quotes we need for the driveway, TV aerial and kitchen appliances installation.

I'll be relieved when QA is actually booked for a definite date.  Bring on next week!

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  1. Hang in there guys, you are nearly at the end/beginning and can look forward to creating new memories in your new home.