Saturday, 21 April 2012

Please, just finish it!

No call from the Site Manager this week, despite the intentions of last week to finish up and have his boss, the Construction Manager, through on Thursday to give the ok to proceed to QA.  The only progress has been a plasterer patching up all the areas marked by the Site Manager last week and the carpenter has hung the Rumpus Room door and fitted off the remaining bedroom door and wardrobe handles.  About a half day's work in total for the week I reckon.

Still no door handle/locks on the external Laundry, Garage & front door.
The kitchen is still in pieces waiting for trimming of the end panels so the splashback ends can be installed.
Downpipe at rear still not connected to the riser
Gas meter still not connected to internal pipe
Hole still in the bath
Painting touch ups yet to occur...

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  We're now not going to be in before I go on maternity leave in 3 week's time :(

Adding to that, I've a cold giving me constant sinus headache, a baby who's run out of room to move in my belly and so resorts to jabbing me in the ribs and hips, leg cramps waking me 5 times a night (it must be amusing to see how quickly I can get out of bed to my feet when that happens!) and almost constant heartburn.

I've been fantasising about just moving in anyway.  Install our own locks and move in.  What would they do about it, I wonder...?

Anyway, enough crazy talk from a whinging possessed pregnant woman!

We have been treating our woes with some retail therapy...

I have taken the pressure off finding a yellow vase for my bedside table, and instead bought some small fake yellow tulips and a yellow clock.  These should tide me over for a while!

And inspired by Cam & Kirsten's purchase last weekend (thanks for the courage guys!) - after four months of procrastination, we finally put in our order for a King Furniture Jasper sofa.  It is scheduled for delivery on 6th June (coincidentally, bubs is due the following day - but I'm betting will actually arrive later).

We bought the Package 4 option in Viva Creme leather plus a 1040mm chair with an arm and back cushion (picture the 'Optional Chair 78' below with an additional arm), so we can extend the length of the modular along the longest side of the Rumpus room.

King Furniture Jasper Sofa - Package 4

I still haven't come up with a colour scheme for the Rumpus Room, so everything in my idea board is a little bland at the moment!  Cushions, ottomans and coffee tables to come after we move in and I get a feel for the room.  The ottoman pictured I was just trying on for size ;)

Time for an afternoon nap.  I think if perhaps when I wake I find a message from the Site Manager telling me the house is finished and the lack of progress has all been a dream, that will perfect my day!  If not, then I fear I'll be reporting pretty much the same sentiment next week...


  1. Hey Nat, it is so frustrating when you have a very slow week, especially in your circumstance!! Fingers crossed for a flurry of action next week. Here's hoping maybe your CM did visit and picked up on something that needs fixing? Loving the yellow!!!