Friday, 6 April 2012

Master Bedroom Furnishings

Whilst in Adelaide over Christmas, I bought this book:  82 Modern Style Ideas to Create at Home, by Inside Out Magazine.

The colour scheme on the front page inspired the look for our Master Bedroom in the house:

I have a carpet sample and plan to go to Porters Paints in the next few days to try and find a shade of grey that will complement it for the feature wall behind the bed.

I've also been scouring homewares shops and vintage stores for a small single flower yellow vase, but as is the case when you're looking for something specific, I've as yet been unable to find one!  I may have to resort to spray painting my own!


  1. What a great concept board, Nat! As soon as you mentioned the yellow vase, my mind turned to spray paint!!!

    So exciting to be so close!


  2. Love it Nat! I think our wall behind the bed is about the same colour as the one in the photo. Dulux Raku... if that helps.


  3. Love the yellow little vase! Where is it from?


    1. I wish it were little B! It's on eBay, but it's 23cm high in reality, which is twice the height of what I'm looking for to hold a single flower beside my bed. I'm still on the hunt for one and thinking of spray painting a glass bottle I have...

    2. I saw a little yellow vase at ikea last week!

    3. I was at Ikea on Sunday - will have to take another look!