Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 197: Measles

There has been practically no progress on the house in the last 3 weeks, but the Site Manager let me know a few weeks ago that he was having trouble getting 2 or 3 other houses completed and he ended up having to be onsite supervising trades to complete their work and making them redo things if they weren't good enough.  I'm ok with the delay if that's the attention he's prepared to give to his jobs.

He called me yesterday saying he was onsite to do his final write up of items to complete and to mark the house with stickers for final touch ups.  It's amazing to see all the little areas that need touching up - I don't think I would have picked up on as many as he did!


Master bedroom

Hole in the bath

The Site Manager also informed me the electrician had been back to rewire the front pillar lights, but he was quite concerned with how unsightly the final result is.  Basically, because the wires were cut before the portico timber cladding was done, the carpenter didn't allow a cavity for the wiring, so the electrician had to run the wiring external to the cladding and down the brickwork cavity into the pillar.  As you can see from the pictures below, it's not the finish you'd expect on a new house.  The Site Manager has the carpenter coming on Monday to see what he can do.  I think there's only 2 options really - either reclad the internal side of the beams and first row of the ceiling, or box the conduit in.  Obviously the first is our preference, especially given all the display homes have lights in the front pillars and no exposed wiring in the cladding.  We paid for a new build and don't want a retrofitted job.  Will see what the carpenter says on Monday.

In other news, Luke have a sale on the George Nelson Bubble lamps at the moment, so we took the opportunity to buy the pendants for the family room.  Sooo excited!!  Two of these babies are now sitting snugly in their boxes in our study, awaiting installation!  I'm even more excited to buy a licensed handmade lamp and not a replica - the sale put them at the same price, so how could we not buy the real thing?!

Next up for the house is for the carpenter and painters to finish off early next week and the Construction Manager is booked for Thursday to do his inspection and give the house the go ahead to be booked for QA.  Once QA go through, the Site Manager has 1 week to turn around any defects they find and's PCI!!  (A building surveyor has to give the ok structurally before QA will agree to go though, and the Occupancy Certificate is organised on the back of the Surveyor's ok).

I finish work on 11th May (4 weeks before bubs is due) and I'd really love it if we have the keys in our hot little hands at that time.  I've then got a month to 'nest' in the new house (give or take...!)


  1. Sorry to hear about the delays, but like you say, if it means they are paying close attention to their other jobs, it should mean that yours will get the same treatment.

    Nice work on the lights, too, they'll look fantastic!

    Pity about the entry lights, I certainly hope they reach a satisfactory resolution on that issue.

    I really and truly hope that you get that time to nest, Nat.

    M xx

  2. You guys are so patient! But it's best to have everything in your new house right the first time! Kirst

    1. I think it's the hormones that are chilling me out. The thought of packing and moving is so daunting a task - no matter how bad I want to be in the new house!

  3. Quality over speed, I would choose any day :)


    1. True B, I'm sure the wait is quickly forgotten, but mistakes can niggle every day after!

  4. Hey guys,

    Fantastic to see it all coming together. I love the brick choice you have both made - your house looks lovely.

    Good luck with everything.


    1. Thanks Adrian. The brick wasn't our first choice and I'm still wishing our first choice didn't get discontinued, so it's nice to get some reassurance over the colour!

      We're following your build too - good luck!