Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 183: Waiting to Exhale

There was no phone call from the Site Manager this week.  By Friday morning I was sure this meant he didn't get everything finished off as hoped.  At lunch time I phoned to check, but he was in the middle of something and asked if he could call me back.  But nope, he didn't. :(

Thus, expectations were at an all time low for the Saturday visit.  And this is the sum total of the progress:
  1. The plumber has swapped all the vanity wastes to pop ups!  Very relieved.
  2. The Rumpus door was unwrapped and moved from the bedroom to the Rumpus room, but it seems the painters haven't been available yet as it's still naked as opposed to a deep charcoal stain.  The carpenter has finally moved the hallway cavity sliding door from the Rumpus room to the Hallway, so it's nice to see that in it's final position, but it still doesn't have a handle and nor do the rest of the internal and external doors that have been missing them for some time now.
  3. The bin cage has been removed and the front of the block has been graded smooth.
That's it.

The electrician still hasn't rewired the front pillar lights.  The carpenter hasn't fixed the kitchen cabinetry end panels so the splashback returns can be installed.  The gas meter is still unconnected.  The bath is still sporting a hole in it....blah blah blah, etc, etc, etc...

It's Easter next weekend and we won't be moving, but we will certainly be packing.  I'll be 31 weeks pregnant and I'm getting rather uncomfortable now, so crouching to pack boxes is only going to get more tedious the longer I leave it!  We're just going to have to trip over and clean around boxes for an indefinite  period of time (the joys of living in an apartment: no storage!)

On a positive note, we put a deposit on a heap of light fittings yesterday (you can see our selections on our Furnishings page) and half our curtain order is ready, we're just waiting on a delay in the fabric for the sheers, which isn't an issue with no moving date!

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