Sunday, 18 March 2012

To Go or Not to Go...

...that is the question...

We uhmmed and ahhed over whether or not to visit the house this weekend, given we didn't get an update from the Site Manager this week I assumed no news meant exactly that!

But of course we couldn't help ourselves after an early wake up by our 19 month old and breakfast done and dusted by 7:30am.

Well it seems there were some items attended to this week after all, and every little bit counts:

  • the caulking to the bathroom, ensuite & laundry has been done, and looks nice and neat.
  • one of the two missing downpipes has been fitted.  This is good news as all the water was pooling around the back sliding doors and will now have a chance to dry out.
  • one set of the missing doors has arrived: the linen cupboard doors.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, still no sign of the Rumpus door.  I noticed whilst we were at Bunnings later you can buy the exact door we've been waiting months for (from the same supplier too).  It's so tempting to order one and see if ours or M's arrives first!

The to do list is still quite long and our SS has been stressed out finishing 3 other houses on his books that were supposed to be completed last month.  That, and he's got 3 new one's to deal with now.

I doubt there's any chance of an Easter handover - not that I was ever confident of this anyway.  As long as we're in by the end of April - that's probably the cutoff for me as I'll only be a month away from giving birth and I can't face the prospect of packing that late in the game!

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