Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 176: Missing Door Arrives!

This was the sum total of progress on the build this week:

Rumpus Room door

Gas Meter
...hmmm look closely on the RHS...pipe not quite installed...

That's right!  The elusive Rumpus Room door has FINALLY made an appearance!

Now although this appears to be very little progress, it stands for a whole lot more as it means the carpenter and painters can finally return and finish off their outstanding items:

  • Install door handles and locks to Laundry and Rear Garage external doors
  • Install lock to front door
  • Install Bed 2 & 3 door and wardrobe handles & cavity sliding doors
  • Cut kitchen overhead cabinet end panels so splashback glass can sit behind them (and side panel glass can be installed)
  • Adjust kitchen drawers and cupboards (some stick or knock against other doors and soft close drawers need refining)
  • Fit door stops
  • Install manhole cover
  • Attach skirting boards in garage

  • Stain and fit Rumpus door
  • Paint and hang Linen Cupboard doors
  • Final coat of paint to front door
  • Paint touch ups throughout

  • Connect stormwater runoff from the house to the street
  • Locate drainage riser about a meter from the SE corner of the house and connect to the downpipe
  • Replace bathroom and ensuite basin wastes with pop up wastes
  • Fit off hot water service 
  • Move gas pipe to connect the gas meter

  • Rewire the front portico pillar lights and fit them off
  • Install missing powerpoint in roof space over kitchen (would instead prefer a credit or light fitting over bench, now that we're not installing skylights)

Hydronic Installers:
  • Commission hydronic heating (not sure if this is done post handover)

  • Hole in bath (repair/replace)
  • Splintered external Laundry door (repair/replace)
  • Scuffed bathroom vanity benchtop (repair/replace)
  • Repair chipped enamel on back sliding door step (large chips in black paint exposing the metal)
  • Repair fences to Northern & Southern boundaries and install retaining wall to South side fence

I only noticed now whilst writing this post that the gas meter isn't actually connected to the house pipe - appears the spacing between the pipes isn't correct for the meter size, so the plumber has some adjustment to do.

The Site Manager is aiming to complete everything by the end of the coming week, and whilst the effort involved in all the tasks is minimal and this is therefore technically possible, I'm still somewhat pessimistic about the electrician, plumber & drainage trades actually turning up.  I mean, they haven't managed to complete their work in the last 2 months for no clear reason, so why would this week be any different?  I look forward to being pleasantly surprised... ;)


  1. I'm so glad for you that that door has FINALLY arrived! Hopefully, everyone is lined up and ready to go and they will have everything done this week, or at least next, so that they can go away for Easter knowing that their work is finished!!!!

    How's the packing going? I hope you're belly's not getting in the way too much!!


    1. Thanks M, I'm pleased the carpentry and painting can now be finalised, the house will then at least 'look' finished!

      I confess I haven't started packing as we currently live in an apartment and I can't stand the thought of an undetermined period of time whereby I'm tripping over and cleaning around boxes! That said, a lot of my stuff is still in boxes anyway from when we downsized from a house a couple of years ago. I look forward to seeing what's in them!

  2. Is that hydronic heating you've got?

    I want!!! :)