Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 175: Gas Meter Installation

I received a call from TruEnergy on Monday, advising me that the gas meter installation had been arranged for later this week and they therefore wanted to sign me up for the gas account.  As there's a 5 day cooling off period I agreed to go ahead and thought I'd take the time to compare retailers over the next day or two, but in the meantime it would not hold up the gas meter installation.  So the gas supply charge takes effect as soon as the meter is installed, but there's no installation fees.  The electricity account won't transfer out of M to our name until settlement however, and there's a 10 day cooling off period which takes effect from then also which is good.

I never thought I'd be excited by gas meter installation, but it's another telling sign that we're at the end of the build.  Yesterday this sentiment was confirmed by my weekly call from the Site Manager who said he's aiming to have all the outstanding bits and pieces finished by the end of next week.  So I really hope the door supplier comes through with their umpteenth promise that the Rumpus door will be delivered by the end of this week...and that the sparky returns to finish the pillar wiring...and the plumber changes the basin wastes over to the pop ups we paid for...and the stormwater gets connected to the street!

I'm not concerned about the painting touch ups and carpentry items, as these are the Site Manager's trades he's used for years and he said they'll come back in an afternoon when he says he's ready (just waiting on that damn door!)

The Neff distributor also called today to say they've had our oven in storage for 6 months now and won't hold it any longer than the 6th April (which would have been handover, but isn't likely by the time QA, PCI & Occupancy Cert timeframes are factored in...) so my appliance retailer kindly stepped up to the plate and organised for the oven to be delivered to their warehouse and stored with our other appliances until we're ready to move in.  Yay Sue from Elite Appliances Armadale, you are my hero!

So the Easter break will be spent packing boxes and I'm strangely looking forward to it!

In the meantime I plan to publish some posts on my colour ideas and furnishings for some of the rooms in the house, with a view to keeping myself inspired and excited about the move - a task that is all too dry and exhausting in its own right!


  1. Nat,
    This all sound excellent and liken' your SS and Sue for doing their part and helping out. But I don't want to talk about gas installations - still unresolved for us.
    You'll be in before you know it.

    1. Hey Cam, I hope they sort out your gas meter location soon. Just about every defect we've raised since the start of the build is still outstanding.

      Given the gas pipe lead in is done near the start of the build and they fit off the meter at the end, I fear it will delay your fitoff if they don't move your lead in beforehand (as I'm sure you're worried too). Funnily enough I saw a similar topic on the Home One Forum a few weeks ago where someone with another builder had it installed at the front and wanted to know whether the builder or distributor was responsible for its location. No one had an adequate answer...