Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 161: Carpet Laid

In the wee hours of Thursday morning I had a dream.  Or rather, I should say, a nightmare!  I dreamt the carpet was installed and I was there just as the guy was finishing up.  But they'd got the colour wrong - it was a deep rose pink and, to make matters worse, the carpet guy thought it didn't match our neutral tiles in the ensuite and bathroom and so took it upon himself to paint all the tiles (and toilet seats, heaven forbid!) the same dark dusty pink!  I recall dropping to the floor and bawling my eyes out and trying to convince the guy I didn't order that colour, to which he replied that it was correct according to the colour code on our Specification....phew, I was glad to wake up from that one!

Needless to say, when the Site Manager called later that day I told him about the dream.  He found it very amusing and said another of his clients had also told him they had a dream that week - except in her case they'd built the entire wrong house.  He found it all very amusing and assured me the carpet wasn't dusty rose pink - that he was at the house and it was being laid and was definitely the granite colour I'd ordered :)

Happy days, the last major piece of work to occur in the build!

Master Bedroom
(ignore the temporary light shade!)

That's not to say that our final inspection is in the next few weeks however.  There's still that long list of unfinished items from my last post, and now that the house has had a thorough clean a few more defects have come to light:

  • The bathroom bath has a hole in it (punched clear through the wall of the bath) so will need to be replaced
  • The bathroom vanity counter top has had the laminate chipped off the edge (hopefully they can remove and glue/iron on a new edge piece onsite to fix this)
  • Someone took to the external laundry door with a hip and shoulder sometime this week (the one with no door handle that is nailed shut from inside).  Given there was nothing vandalised or stolen, I'm guessing the thinking went something like this:

    "Oh look, this door doesn't have a handle so I don't have to wait for the SS to arrive with a key, I'll just open it.  Oh wait, it's a bit sticky...just need to give it a nudge....CRACK!...(the veneer of the door gives way against the stress of the screw holding the door shut)..."

    Sigh.  As the door is stained rather than painted, I'm guessing they'll have to replace it as any repair attempt would be visible.  

The Site Manager is hoping to have us in by Easter, but the missing doors still haven't turned up yet (3 months of chasing) and the painters are due back in a week's time for this and touch ups...

Anyway, I'm pushing all that to the back of my mind and enjoying the work that is complete and looking great after a good clean this week.  Without further adieu - here's the pics that are the best yet at giving the feel of a finished home:



Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom wardrobe

One of the kid's bedrooms
(sans door and wardrobe handles)
Same room, different angle

View from Dining Room toward Kitchen/Family

Rumpus Room

Rear Hallway


Dining looking towards Rumpus

Family Room


  1. House is looking great guys! Although, I reckon dusty dark pink will be all the range next year :)

  2. Nat, it looks fantastic!

    Your dream sounds all too familiar to me, I can just picture the dusty pink now!!

    I also like your take on what REALLY happened to the laundry door. Sounds just about right to me.

    I hope they don't take long to sort all the bits and pieces out. Good luck!


  3. Oooh we had a peachy pink carpet in our last house. I hated it!

    Everything is looking lovely Nat! You must be getting excited!