Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Family Room Furnishings

So here's the first of my idea boards for furnishing our new house: the Family Room; which is the open plan area opposite the kitchen:

  1. George Nelson Saucer Lamps from Luke
  2. Coburn 'Flame Tree' 1976
    Paul already owns this, so it's set the colour statement
  3. Danish style sofa and armchairs.  These are from Angelucci 21st Century.
  4. Danish teak coffee table.
    I can't wait to scour the Melbourne vintage stores to find one!
  5. Old Yarn Rug from Loom.
    It will take a while to save our pennies for this one!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 176: Missing Door Arrives!

This was the sum total of progress on the build this week:

Rumpus Room door

Gas Meter
...hmmm look closely on the RHS...pipe not quite installed...

That's right!  The elusive Rumpus Room door has FINALLY made an appearance!

Now although this appears to be very little progress, it stands for a whole lot more as it means the carpenter and painters can finally return and finish off their outstanding items:

  • Install door handles and locks to Laundry and Rear Garage external doors
  • Install lock to front door
  • Install Bed 2 & 3 door and wardrobe handles & cavity sliding doors
  • Cut kitchen overhead cabinet end panels so splashback glass can sit behind them (and side panel glass can be installed)
  • Adjust kitchen drawers and cupboards (some stick or knock against other doors and soft close drawers need refining)
  • Fit door stops
  • Install manhole cover
  • Attach skirting boards in garage

  • Stain and fit Rumpus door
  • Paint and hang Linen Cupboard doors
  • Final coat of paint to front door
  • Paint touch ups throughout

  • Connect stormwater runoff from the house to the street
  • Locate drainage riser about a meter from the SE corner of the house and connect to the downpipe
  • Replace bathroom and ensuite basin wastes with pop up wastes
  • Fit off hot water service 
  • Move gas pipe to connect the gas meter

  • Rewire the front portico pillar lights and fit them off
  • Install missing powerpoint in roof space over kitchen (would instead prefer a credit or light fitting over bench, now that we're not installing skylights)

Hydronic Installers:
  • Commission hydronic heating (not sure if this is done post handover)

  • Hole in bath (repair/replace)
  • Splintered external Laundry door (repair/replace)
  • Scuffed bathroom vanity benchtop (repair/replace)
  • Repair chipped enamel on back sliding door step (large chips in black paint exposing the metal)
  • Repair fences to Northern & Southern boundaries and install retaining wall to South side fence

I only noticed now whilst writing this post that the gas meter isn't actually connected to the house pipe - appears the spacing between the pipes isn't correct for the meter size, so the plumber has some adjustment to do.

The Site Manager is aiming to complete everything by the end of the coming week, and whilst the effort involved in all the tasks is minimal and this is therefore technically possible, I'm still somewhat pessimistic about the electrician, plumber & drainage trades actually turning up.  I mean, they haven't managed to complete their work in the last 2 months for no clear reason, so why would this week be any different?  I look forward to being pleasantly surprised... ;)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 175: Gas Meter Installation

I received a call from TruEnergy on Monday, advising me that the gas meter installation had been arranged for later this week and they therefore wanted to sign me up for the gas account.  As there's a 5 day cooling off period I agreed to go ahead and thought I'd take the time to compare retailers over the next day or two, but in the meantime it would not hold up the gas meter installation.  So the gas supply charge takes effect as soon as the meter is installed, but there's no installation fees.  The electricity account won't transfer out of M to our name until settlement however, and there's a 10 day cooling off period which takes effect from then also which is good.

I never thought I'd be excited by gas meter installation, but it's another telling sign that we're at the end of the build.  Yesterday this sentiment was confirmed by my weekly call from the Site Manager who said he's aiming to have all the outstanding bits and pieces finished by the end of next week.  So I really hope the door supplier comes through with their umpteenth promise that the Rumpus door will be delivered by the end of this week...and that the sparky returns to finish the pillar wiring...and the plumber changes the basin wastes over to the pop ups we paid for...and the stormwater gets connected to the street!

I'm not concerned about the painting touch ups and carpentry items, as these are the Site Manager's trades he's used for years and he said they'll come back in an afternoon when he says he's ready (just waiting on that damn door!)

The Neff distributor also called today to say they've had our oven in storage for 6 months now and won't hold it any longer than the 6th April (which would have been handover, but isn't likely by the time QA, PCI & Occupancy Cert timeframes are factored in...) so my appliance retailer kindly stepped up to the plate and organised for the oven to be delivered to their warehouse and stored with our other appliances until we're ready to move in.  Yay Sue from Elite Appliances Armadale, you are my hero!

So the Easter break will be spent packing boxes and I'm strangely looking forward to it!

In the meantime I plan to publish some posts on my colour ideas and furnishings for some of the rooms in the house, with a view to keeping myself inspired and excited about the move - a task that is all too dry and exhausting in its own right!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

To Go or Not to Go...

...that is the question...

We uhmmed and ahhed over whether or not to visit the house this weekend, given we didn't get an update from the Site Manager this week I assumed no news meant exactly that!

But of course we couldn't help ourselves after an early wake up by our 19 month old and breakfast done and dusted by 7:30am.

Well it seems there were some items attended to this week after all, and every little bit counts:

  • the caulking to the bathroom, ensuite & laundry has been done, and looks nice and neat.
  • one of the two missing downpipes has been fitted.  This is good news as all the water was pooling around the back sliding doors and will now have a chance to dry out.
  • one set of the missing doors has arrived: the linen cupboard doors.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, still no sign of the Rumpus door.  I noticed whilst we were at Bunnings later you can buy the exact door we've been waiting months for (from the same supplier too).  It's so tempting to order one and see if ours or M's arrives first!

The to do list is still quite long and our SS has been stressed out finishing 3 other houses on his books that were supposed to be completed last month.  That, and he's got 3 new one's to deal with now.

I doubt there's any chance of an Easter handover - not that I was ever confident of this anyway.  As long as we're in by the end of April - that's probably the cutoff for me as I'll only be a month away from giving birth and I can't face the prospect of packing that late in the game!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 161: Carpet Laid

In the wee hours of Thursday morning I had a dream.  Or rather, I should say, a nightmare!  I dreamt the carpet was installed and I was there just as the guy was finishing up.  But they'd got the colour wrong - it was a deep rose pink and, to make matters worse, the carpet guy thought it didn't match our neutral tiles in the ensuite and bathroom and so took it upon himself to paint all the tiles (and toilet seats, heaven forbid!) the same dark dusty pink!  I recall dropping to the floor and bawling my eyes out and trying to convince the guy I didn't order that colour, to which he replied that it was correct according to the colour code on our Specification....phew, I was glad to wake up from that one!

Needless to say, when the Site Manager called later that day I told him about the dream.  He found it very amusing and said another of his clients had also told him they had a dream that week - except in her case they'd built the entire wrong house.  He found it all very amusing and assured me the carpet wasn't dusty rose pink - that he was at the house and it was being laid and was definitely the granite colour I'd ordered :)

Happy days, the last major piece of work to occur in the build!

Master Bedroom
(ignore the temporary light shade!)

That's not to say that our final inspection is in the next few weeks however.  There's still that long list of unfinished items from my last post, and now that the house has had a thorough clean a few more defects have come to light:

  • The bathroom bath has a hole in it (punched clear through the wall of the bath) so will need to be replaced
  • The bathroom vanity counter top has had the laminate chipped off the edge (hopefully they can remove and glue/iron on a new edge piece onsite to fix this)
  • Someone took to the external laundry door with a hip and shoulder sometime this week (the one with no door handle that is nailed shut from inside).  Given there was nothing vandalised or stolen, I'm guessing the thinking went something like this:

    "Oh look, this door doesn't have a handle so I don't have to wait for the SS to arrive with a key, I'll just open it.  Oh wait, it's a bit sticky...just need to give it a nudge....CRACK!...(the veneer of the door gives way against the stress of the screw holding the door shut)..."

    Sigh.  As the door is stained rather than painted, I'm guessing they'll have to replace it as any repair attempt would be visible.  

The Site Manager is hoping to have us in by Easter, but the missing doors still haven't turned up yet (3 months of chasing) and the painters are due back in a week's time for this and touch ups...

Anyway, I'm pushing all that to the back of my mind and enjoying the work that is complete and looking great after a good clean this week.  Without further adieu - here's the pics that are the best yet at giving the feel of a finished home:



Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom wardrobe

One of the kid's bedrooms
(sans door and wardrobe handles)
Same room, different angle

View from Dining Room toward Kitchen/Family

Rumpus Room

Rear Hallway


Dining looking towards Rumpus

Family Room

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 155: Floorboards Installed

I got a bit emotional at the house today when we arrived to see the cage bin full of Boral Timber wrapping.  I could hardly believe that the floorboards have been installed.  It really does mark the beginning of the end of the build process and it feels that little more real that Paul and I will be raising our family there very soon.   Another sign of this milestone is that the front temporary fence was removed earlier in the week and the portaloo disappeared yesterday (and yes there were signs that one of our new toilets has been used already...didn't realise it was part of the service to test them for us!)

Sample pics of the floorboards.  Boral Silkwood in Spotted Gum
The walkways are covered in cardboard to protect them.

Floorboards in Butlers Pantry

The flyscreens have also made an appearance on all the bedroom windows, but not yet installed for any of the living areas or bathroom and laundry.

Flyscreens in master bedroom

The bathroom mirrors have been replaced with the correct frameless ones, although the ensuite mirror is still about 3mm short of the tile and vanity width on the left.  I don't care about it too much (I didn't even notice) but Paul is bothered by it.

Ensuite Mirror

Paul's raindrop showerhead :)

The plumber returned at the start of the week to fit off the toilets and bathroom bath, but unfortunately didn't swap the basin wastes over to the pop up ones.

Main Toilet

Kitchen splashback
End panels of the overhead cabinets were removed as they hung too low
and were in the way of the splashback.

The carpet is scheduled to be installed sometime early next week and then house clean is booked for the 5th.  No date from the Site Manager as to the QA check yet and I haven't bothered to ask, given I don't think he's in a position to know this with the amount of small jobs yet to be completed and the fact that he's having trouble getting the trades back to finish off.  The items left to do as far as I can tell are:

  • Laundry and Rear Garage external door handles missing
  • Internal door handles and wardrobe handles to two bedrooms missing
  • Stormwater not yet connected to the street (water erupts out of the ground at the front of the site and pours over the footpath into the Telstra pit on the nature strip)
  • One down pipe still missing, another not connected to the underground pipe (buried about a metre away)
  • Rumpus and Linen Cupboard doors missing
  • Splashback sides yet to be installed (sitting onsite so perhaps waiting for the large back piece to set before they attempt to fit them). 
  • Replace bathroom and ensuite basin wastes with pop up ones
  • Rewire the front portico pillar lights and fit them off
  • Install timber quad around floor board edges
  • Install carpet
  • Caulking to tiles and kitchen splashback
  • Adjust kitchen drawers and cupboards (some stick or knock against other doors) and resize overhead end panels (and maybe new bin drawer front with top aligned handle...???)
  • Fit door stops
  • Install manhole cover
  • Fit off hot water service and gas meter
  • Paint touch ups :)
So even though they're all fairly small jobs, there's a decent list of them and a lot of different trades to organise.  It's easy to see how it could drag out to weeks.  Seriously hoping not!