Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day 148: Dribs n Drabs

We seem to have hit that fabled stage of the build I was really hoping to be spared, where things seem to slow down just before the finish line.

Of the scheduled items to occur this week, all were started in some way or another, but only one - ceiling insulation - was completed.  Before I move on, I must say this has made an immense difference to the temperature of the house, even without curtains.  With yesterday and today's 36+ degree heat the house was still lovely and cool.

Anyway, back to the progress.  The plumber commenced his fit off some time in the latter half of this week (yay!).  He couldn't start earlier as there were some taps on backorder.  He's managed to install all the taps throughout the house, the ensuite bath and my shower rail.  The rain drop shower head hasn't been installed yet and the bathroom bath is still camping out in the Sitting Room.  The fact that he still plans to return to finish turns out to be a blessing in disguise however, as he's installed the wrong wastes in the bathroom and ensuite basins.  We paid $80 each basin to upgrade to pop up wastes, and these were delivered with the basins back in December, where someone chose to store them in the top drawer in the kitchen.  Unfortunately I don't think anyone passed on this information to the plumber as he's installed standard wastes with white plugs instead.  The Site Manager is due to call Monday morning for a weekly status update so I'll let him know and hopefully the plumber can swap them out without much trouble when he returns to finish the bath and shower fit off.

Kitchen tap

Wrong waste :(
I've placed the correct waste next to each basin :)

Ensuite bath - can't wait to enjoy it

I can move in, my shower's ready!

Sorry Paul, you'll have to stay put, your shower's not ready

Hmmm, maybe I'll stay put too, couldn't stomach the portaloo...

The carpenter also hasn't been able to complete his work this week, despite him getting most of the internal door handles installed last Monday, there are a couple of wardrobes without door handles.  I don't know if it's the ordering guys who miscount our doors or the supplier miscounting the delivery, but we've been short on both external AND internal handles.  We still don't have handles for the rear garage door or the laundry, which is still nailed shut.

The Rumpus door and linen doors are also still MIA.  The Site Manager has lost his patience on this with the supplier, it's dragged on so long (I'm sure you're all sick of reading about it too!).

The electrician hasn't returned to fix the wiring for the portico pillar lights either, and the replacement bathroom and ensuite mirrors haven't arrived, but I expected these to take more than a week anyway.

The kitchen splashback was delivered at the start of the week, but it's still leaning up against the family room wall.  It's the right colour though (starfire white ice) and I'm super impressed it's all one big long piece along the back - no joins!  Also wasn't expecting the glass to return at either end, but there's two other pieces to wrap the sides.  Nice surprise!  Oh, I can't wait to see it installed!  Especially as we plan to install a white Artichoke pendant light to the left above the kitchen island.

Matt Blatt Replica Poul Henningsen Artichoke Pendant

Despite the slow progress, there was still progress this week nonetheless, so it's a move in the right direction!

'My Metricon' tells a slightly different story than the house, however.  Apparently the fit offs were completed last Monday (that definition includes flooring which I know isn't scheduled till the 29th and 5th) and the next item scheduled is the final house clean on the 5th, ahead of QA and PCI.

Oh, I wish it were correct!  Every week my belly gets that little bit bigger, my waddle that little more pronounced, my yearning for a daytime nap that little bit harder to ignore - so I'm acutely aware of time passing (and my impending inability to physically move house)!  Let's hope the SS waves his magic wand and all the trades and correct parts materialise on Monday and Tuesday to finish their fit off.  To minimise any risk of damage, I really want all the fittings in before they lay the floorboards (on Wednesday...hmm, who knows...)

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  1. Chin up it will come together soon! It all looks fabulous so far and you'll be settled in before you know it :)