Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 141: Hydronic Heating Fit Off

Received a call from the Site Manager this afternoon, who was at the house having a look at the latest round of work.  The hydronic heating fit off occurred late last week and the baths have been delivered, ready for the plumber to install.  The plumber was booked to fit off last Thursday but a few of our taps are out of stock with the supplier, so hopefully he'll receive them in the next day or so.

Other activities booked are:

  • Ceiling insulation gets installed tomorrow
  • Kitchen splashback is ready and will be installed in the next day or two
  • Floorboards are booked for next week - 29th Feb - 1st Mar
  • Carpet installation 5th March
  • House clean also booked for 5th March...either this or the carpet install date will be altered so they don't occur on the same day!

The painting touch ups haven't been booked yet, largely because our Rumpus room door and linen cupboard doors STILL haven't arrived on site yet.  SS said he had stern words with the company who were supposed to deliver on 9th Jan and still haven't done so.

The electrician has to rewire the front portico pillars as the wires have been stripped during the bricking process, which is proving to be a bit of an access issue for him.  Hopefully he can do this without having to remove any brickwork, but he has to come back and assess what's possible.

Oh, wouldn't it be lovely to have the keys by Easter...dare we hope for such a thing?!

Dining Room

Kid's bedroom

Ensuite Hydronic Towel Rail

Hydronic Boiler

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  1. March is so close, very exciting! I think Easter is looking pretty promising, indeed (must touch wood now).

    How awesome is that towel rail? It looks amazing!