Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 137: Fit Offs Start

I know there's not meant to be anything practical about romance, but as it's Valentine's Day and Paul and I had an appointment with a Landscape Designer, we chose to see it as a romantic gesture to be planning the finishing touches to our future love pad (how can we think of anything else at  the moment anyway really?! ;)

Well, finishing 'touches' probably understates the gravity of the work to be done on the yard, and even more profoundly the likely cost (OUCH!).  We're not talking bells and whistles here either, mostly practical ideas about a water tank, brick retaining walls to the front from those left over from the house build, a front lawn and concrete aggregate driveway - nothing showy.  But the potential cost just for the front alone was scary.  I'll share some of the concepts when the first plan comes through next week.

For now, the mood can be lifted somewhat from the financial strain of covering up a site of clay, and talk about the rapid ride to completion we are (currently, anyway!) on.

The Site Manager called yesterday afternoon to say the Electrician was in doing fit off.  He said he was almost done when he dropped by the site that afternoon and that plumbing would be happening in the next day or two.  But when we took a peek today whilst the landscaper took pics of the yard for his plan, I was in awe of the flurry of activity that must have occurred yesterday and possibly this morning!

Here's what's been installed:

  • Light fittings, power points, switches and exhaust fans
  • Butlers pantry, wardrobe & linen shelving
  • Bathroom mirror has been hung.....oops, wait a minute...there's an aluminium frame on it...it's supposed to be frameless polished edge (which, mind you is standard so I don't know what happened in the ordering process) 

The items not yet complete:

  • Electrician has kindly lowered the front pillar lights one more brick course as requested, so the Sentinel lights won't cover over the corbelled brickwork, but I assume the wiring isn't long enough as he's stripped the ends and hasn't threaded them into the brickwork yet.  I know they don't fit off these type of lights until after handover due to risk of theft, so it's possible he may do the wiring at the same time...or perhaps he has to install at least junction boxes to get the occupancy certificate, who knows.
  • Shower screens had arrived but are not yet installed (the framework is in, but the glass panels are waiting on the sidelines :)
  • Ensuite mirror has not been hung because the sparky has installed the junction box for the above mirror light too close to where the mirror overhangs the MDF backing.  The mirror guy wrote a note to him on the wall.  Just as well really - saved the mirror installer extra work, seeing as it's the wrong mirror!

So after plumbing (i.e. tapware, baths, toilets), hydronic heating fit off, internal door hardware and glass kitchen splashback, all in the next few days or so, it will be time for floorboards and carpet!

We'll be at QA before we know it (but I won't make a guess on PCI at this stage - I'd rather wait and see what comes out of QA first).

Love seeing the evolution - it's not quite as thrilling, but a similar concept to an Ultrasound (sorry that's probably a really crass comparison)!

Going to be fun shopping for light fittings to replace all the cowl shades everywhere! 

Butlers Pantry standard shelving.
We'll fit this out with benches, shelves and wine fridges at some point in future

Wardrobe standard fitout.
Again, a future upgrade

Wrong mirror - should be frameless
(poor installer - can't be fun doing things twice)

Junction box about 5cm too low, preventing the mirror installation for now!

Note to sparky


  1. Looking good, Nat! I kind of understand your comparison to the ultrasound. Joyfully, it looks like the house will be well and truly ready before the baby gets here!!!


  2. Looking great guys. Your kicking goals with the scheduling of trades - your SS must be a very good operator.
    Keen to see the landscape plans - we are still changing our minds about what we are likely to do, so may end up heading down the same path via a professional...

    1. Thanks guys, our SS has been great with his scheduling and for the key trades he used guys he's been working with for years and past employers.

      Given the amount of cut and fill on our block and therefore the need for drainage and retaining walls we felt the hardscaping was beyond us, hence the need for a professional!

  3. Hi Nat, Your house is looking fantastic! I love all your storage space and I'd give anything for that big a pantry at my place :)