Sunday, 12 February 2012

Day 135: Garage Door Installed

We went past the house yesterday and saw that our garage door was being installed (yes another surprise Saturday)!  The guy had only just started installing the brackets, so we left him to it and drove past again today to get a glimpse of the now completed facade.

The garage is Colorbond Dune.  We ummed and ahhed over whether to go with Dune (pale beige) or Monument (charcoal grey), but felt Monument would make the house feel squat and against the brown brick, look a little too drab.  So although Dune is a bright contrast I quite like it.  Of course I would love to have matched the garage door with the portico cladding and windows in a cedar or similar colour timber, but the maintenance level is too high and we don't like the glossy finish on the timber look doors.  So we felt Dune was the best compromise.

Bit of a gap at the bottom, but I assume they adjust it after electrical fit off and house clean.

I also went back to our kitchen appliances retailer yesterday to look at our stovetop in the showroom, specifically to see if we could get away with the placement of the current cutout on the kitchen bench.  The overlap on the back of the hob isn't very big at all as it turns out, and the cutout size has at least 10mm tolerance, so we may get away with the current cutout after all.  The Site Manager will be pleased to hear this when I tell him tomorrow.  It means the splashback can be installed on schedule and without change to the benchtop.  If they need to take a couple of mm off the front of the cutout when it comes to installation I guess we'll deal with it then.

Fit off starts tomorrow - woo hoo!  So excited that electricals, taps, door handles, toilets, baths, shower screens and mirrors will be installed, as well as the hydronic heating panels and towel rails.  All the finishing touches are coming together!  I'm waiting on a curtain quote from a meeting with a Victory consultant last week and have an appointment with a Landscape Designer on Tuesday to discuss a driveway and how we cover up our clay pit of a block!  Then I start work again on Friday, after 18 months of maternity leave.  Woah, big week!  Bring it on, I'm excited!



  1. Really getting to the exciting parts now! I like the garage door - sometimes it needs a lift as you said. Plus when the landscaping is done it softens the front again. Good luck going back to work!

  2. Hey Nat, can you please pass on the details of your landscaper. Also I'm starting to think about curtains. Did you get lots of quotes and how did Victory compare in both price and quality?

    1. We used Outdoor Creations to create our Landscape Plan. They designed and managed a terraced garden in Ivanhoe at a friend's Uncle's place which is why I chose them because I knew they were good at dealing with a sloping block and I was concerned with our drainage. They don't do hands on landscaping though. They offer services from Concept Plan all the way through to Detailed Plans, sourcing subcontractors and Project Management of some or the whole job. It's up to you how much or little you want from them (and priced accordingly!). We've only done the minimum: Concept Plan at this stage. They are happy to recommend subcontractors for us to contact ourselves, which is good. -

      For curtains I only got one quote, as I've done the cheap custom curtains in the past and found the mechanisms and material not to be great for the long term. In our current place we put Victory roman blinds in a couple of years ago and the mechanisms and fabric are so much better (I think they're Australian made). I've found Victory to be a good middle of the range curtain supplier with good quality. They will also give you a discount for being a Metricon customer and if there's an even cheaper promo price at the time (as there was with some of ours) they'll give you the cheapest price.

  3. The contrast with Dune DEFINITELY works with the brown brick! What the color does is use your garage door to break up the monotony of the browns of the rest of the façade. Your garage door now works as a focus point, and actually brightens your façade up. So I think you made the right choice when you chose this color. I do hope that gap between the door and the floor has been sorted out, by the way!