Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 125: Tiling Commences

Ensuite Colours

I met the tiler at the house today to discuss how we want the tiles laid.  Specifically we discussed:
  • 1.5mm grout spacing for the polished porcelain rectified tiles
  • I pointed out the feature charcoal wall in the ensuite shower, horizontal placement, grout colour, and to tile to the ceiling because of the raindrop shower head from the ceiling
  • Requested the floor and wall tile grout lines to match up so it runs in a straight line from the shower right up over the bath hob
  • Confirmed he starts tiling from the centre of the room so the cut tiles are on each outer edge wall, not just a small sliver on one wall (thanks to Beaumont Tiles for telling me to ask for this)
  • Requested the shower wastes be set straight, not diagonal, to continue the line from the shower outward
  • Confirmed 20cm of tiling between vanity and bottom of the mirror and no tiles to surround the mirror 
  • He asked if I wanted to continue the height of the tile from the mirror, right around the bath and I agreed this would look best if he had enough tiles to do so (it doesn't go quite this high over the bath on the plans)
  • Confirmed the laundry wall tile to be 4 rows above the trough

I then spent the rest of the morning measuring all the windows for curtains. I'm going to Victory Blinds later this week for a quote.  Due to the unknown curtain budget at the start of the build (and my lack of ability to choose at that stage!) we chose not to include curtains in our contract, but you still get a discount with Victory as a Metricon customer anyway (so their emails keep reminding me!) so I thought I'd get a quote and see how competitive they are.  We recently had roman blinds installed in our apartment from Victory and I'm really happy with the design, fabric and hardware quality, so I like them so far in that respect.

Most of the downpipes have now been connected to the underground drainage.  There was a fair bit of earthworks where extra pipe work has been laid to make the two ends meet.  I wonder how deep they are - we're bound to find out the hard way when we start to landscape I'm sure!  A friend built with Porter Davis a couple of years ago and when landscaping, the bobcat crushed the stormwater pipes as they were only 160mm underground, so he replaced them all.  Our Site Manager said they're usually only about 130mm deep so we'll have to watch out for them.

We still have one downpipe where there is no underground drain - they must have missed this in the site works...

Downpipe with missing underground pipe
We also have one downpipe fitting where they haven't yet installed a downpipe. No idea why, must have been an ordering problem, or perhaps the one without a hole was supposed to go there!  Although the plans show downpipes in both locations...

Missing downpipe

The pipe work for the gas meter has also been installed.  It's on the side of the house right underneath the electricity box which is good.  Not sure how we're going to fit a fence between it and the hydronic boiler though  - they're very close together!

Gas Meter to the left, pipe for hydronic boiler to the right.
No room for a fence between the two!

Even though MyMetricon says the painting was completed on Monday, the front door has only had one coat, but the Rumpus and linen cupboard doors have still not arrived, so the painters will have to come back for them anyway.

There's also a few areas I picked up that require touching up and/or re-sanding which I expected to find. All in all it's not a bad job though. I did notice the top and bottom of the doors are not painted and there was a sticker on all the internal doors when they were delivered, saying the warranty isn't valid unless they're painted top and bottom. Will have to ask the Site Manager about this (I personally don't care if they are or they aren't and if M's warranty covers it, is any warping or bowing M's problem with the supplier rather than ours?...hmmm...).

When I left the house at lunch time the tiler had done the ensuite shower side walls and was half way up the back feature wall, but he was a little shy so I didn't take any photos. I'll pop back on Friday when he's sure to be out of the shower (sic) and get a few happy snaps.

It was so lovely to spend a few quiet hours at the house; I got a bit emotional (of course, I blame being 22 weeks pregnant!).

So anyway, tiling this week and next, and then the fit offs commence on the 13th Feb! The Site Manager expects carpet and floorboards will probably start around the 20th Feb, but will depend on any corrections required after fit off (it's much better to touch up paint before the flooring goes in!)

I'm so excited at seeing this stage of the build underway I can hardly contain myself today!


  1. Guys, it all looks and sounds great. Great work with the tiler Nat. If he knows anything, it's never a good idea to disappoint a pregnant woman...
    We are yet to advance to lock up so our level of excitement it's quite at your stage yet. Given our ongoing issue re te location of our gas meter is there a chance of a pic with gas meter and power box in the same shot.

  2. Love the glass inserts on your front door!!!