Wednesday, 22 February 2012


With the house nearing completion, I am about to submit my order for curtains.  Having done cheaper 'temporary' curtains before and paying about two thirds the price of a quality blind/curtain in some cases anyway, I decided not to muck around this time and go with the final choices for the rooms I'm sure about.  The only room that I can't choose is the Rumpus, which we don't have any furniture for yet so I'm struggling to decide on a curtain fabric.  I know I want blockout drapes, but colour and texture escapes me until I have more of a feel for a preferred colour scheme for the other items in the room.

So here's the choices I've made elsewhere...

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom windows

  • Floor to ceiling, wall to wall ripple fold white sheers (example below), plus
  • White blockout holland blind behind the sheers for night time privacy

Ripple Fold Sheer Curtains
Image sourced here 
We have cornices so the curtains will sit just below this, but will be on a track so there won't be any visible curtain rods.

Sitting Room (i.e. Study)
  • Eyelet sheers on a black curtain rod

I liked the curtains we saw in the master bedroom of the Metricon Aria display home in Caulfield, so I've gone with the exact same fabric and curtain rod.

Curtains from the Metricon Aria display home in Caulfield
Rowe Fabrics, Design: Barrow Creek, Colour: Silver

Family Room
  • White Holland Blind with a cassette pelmet
The main aim is just to keep out the North sun on hot summer days.  Other than that I didn't feel the need to have curtains in this room.

Dining Room Sliding Doors
  • White screen (i.e. see through) roller blinds with cassette pelmet

  • Blockout Roman blinds (light grey for the kid's rooms and plain white for the spare room)
Victory Roman Blinds

  • White Blockout holland blind - no pelmet

With a baby arriving shortly after we envisage moving in, it will be a huge relief to have working curtains, rather than having to tie up old sheets!  Of course other furnishings will have to go on the backburner to pay for them, but I think I can handle a few empty rooms for a while!


  1. Your choices look great, Nat. I particularly like your plan for your Master Bedroom - lovely!


  2. Hi guys, I've just started reading through your blog, everything seems to be chugging along well, and not too long to go! I just have to say thankyou!!! those ripple fold white sheers are exactly what I have been looking for! I knew I wanted something for privacy but couldn't figure out what! Perfect! Hope you are not too far away from moving in, and congrats on the new baby.

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