Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 120: Painting, Waterproofing and Kitchen Bench!

Paul took today off work for a nice long weekend and because we couldn't get into the house last weekend we thought we'd take a chance that the painters would be working and allow us to have a look.  The gamble paid off, the painters were indeed at the house, sanding the front windows in preparation for staining. All the internal painting is complete and looks great.  We're really happy with the finish.  All the previous dents and holes in the plaster have been repaired and painted too.

Outside, the eaves have all been painted Colorbond Dune and the timber lined portico has been stained Dark Oak.

So the only item left to be painted is the front door (Colorbond Monument) and the front door sidelights, front windows, ensuite window and laundry door and window are to be stained.  Perhaps a few more days work for additional coats and we should see all the painting complete.  That is, except for the fact that there's still no sign of the feature Rumpus door or the linen cupboard doors so the painters will have to return to do those when they are finally delivered.

Other items of work that have been done:

  • a man was onsite waterproofing the bathroom and ensuite and cutting the holes in the plywood for the baths
  • the electricians have cut out the light switch and PowerPoint holes, but no ceiling light holes yet
  • lastly and most excitedly, the kitchen bench top is in!!  Caesarstone Osprey and it looks great.  The join lines are positioned well and are as minimal as I've ever seen them, so I am very relieved!

Caesarstone Osprey

Tidy join which the stovetop will hide

Join on the island bench, well away from the kitchen sink which is further right

The only issue is that the cut out for the stove is 10mm too close to the back wall according to our stove top specifications.  I supplied all specs to M in advance of site start so hopefully there's no excuse but to fix it!  The stove specs show a +/-20mm tolerance in the cut out size, so I think cutting an extra 10mm from the front of the hole should be ok to resolve the issue.

It was good luck that when we returned to the house a little later after some lounge suite browsing, both the Site Manager and the Construction Manager were onsite.  I told them the cut out was too close to the wall and they said they'd speak to the bench top guys about whether they'd cut it out onsite or not.

Stove cut out is 10mm too close to the splashback wall.
There's 15mm to play with at the front so hopefully taking 10mm extra won't hurt

Our Site Mgr also brought up the topic of our kitchen handle alignment.  Both of them agreed that the bin drawer is not ideal and the Construction Manager said he'd see what he could do about it.  I'm hoping this turns into a resolution for us - being just one door and with the rest of the build going so well.

We also discussed the height of the lights on the portico pillars, which the Electrical plan shows to be 2100mm high, but this puts them onto the corbelled bricks at the top of the pillar and will look ridiculous.  They agreed to lower them another 2 brick courses below the current hole in the mortar, so that they are at the same height as seen on many of their display homes (1900mm high).

Metricon Fairhaven at Keysborough
showing the pillar lights we have purchased, and at the height we want
A very satisfying day.  I'll be meeting with the Site Manager and tiler onsite next week to discuss the tile layout.  Can't wait to see the tiling done!

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