Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 113: Snow White!

The painters have been busy this week and, as we'd hoped, the entire house now has its first coat of paint internally.  Everywhere you look is white white white!  Unfortunately the only means for 'looking' we had was through windows from the outside, as the painters where diligent enough to lock all windows and doors.  The laundry external door still has no hardware, so they must have nailed this door shut.  It was fixed tight.

Just as well anyway - I'd hate to get dust onto fresh glossy painted doors and trims.

As the windows were filthy there wasn't any point trying to get photos, so here's a reminder of our chosen paint colours...or should I say 'whites'!
Walls, Doors, Skirtings, Architraves
The downpipes have also been installed, which I found a little strange at this stage.  Poor painters now have to work around them to paint the eaves!  None of the underground drain pipes sticking up from the ground are in the correct location to meet their downpipe, so none are actually connected yet.  In some spots the PVC pipe is a metre or more away!  I'm assuming there's a bit of trenching to be done to get everything to meet up.   I hope they get the fall right so there isn't too much pooling and backup of water...

And lastly for this week, the tiles have been delivered!!  So excited!  The Site Manager wants to meet up next week onsite with the tiler and discuss our preferences for how they're to be laid.

With all the finishings starting to appear, it's time to look to the furnishing budget.  We're off to price some sofas today for the Rumpus Room.   A nice big modular we're thinking, such as the Sitta from Freedom Furniture or the ever popular Baby Jasper from King Furniture.

Sitta Modular from Freedom Furniture

Baby Jasper from King Furniture

For the Family Room in the open plan area, I'm still keen on the slimline sofa and armchairs from Angelucci, so I dread the price.  The other option is the Tatler from Oz Design.

Slimline Sofa from Angelucci

Tatler from Oz Design

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