Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day 81: Lockup - Merry Christmas!

With the eaves installed on Monday we are now officially at Lockup!  Just in time for Christmas.  Funnily enough, we're only a few days work away from completing the 'Fixing' stage also.

So much for M's Accounts Dept closing last Friday; we received our Lockup Invoice yesterday (via email and notification by SMS, and today via snail mail), a nice 25% invoice just before Christmas!

We'll have another 20% invoice pretty soon when we complete Fixing stage.  That's nearly half the cost of the build within a month!

In the Fixing Stage they've completed the following so far:

- Plaster installed
- Cabinets installed

The final task is 'Fixing Complete', which is all internal doors, skirtings and architraves.  The carpenter is working through Christmas, so these will be finished by the time we get back from our Christmas break.

Then the painters start on Monday 9th January.  Woo hoo!  That's the first task scheduled for the 'Home Completion' stage!

We received news of a nice unexpected Christmas present yesterday.  The Site Manager called to ask why we were painting the nice hardwood ceiling on the front portico 'Dune' and yet staining the beam 'Dark Oak' - surely we would want all the hardwood stained?  Hmmm....we didn't order a hardwood ceiling...we didn't want the expense of fully lining the front portico ceiling and beams with hardwood, so we just paid to have the beam lined and stained, leaving a plaster ceiling for the portico...oh well, there was enough wood delivered, so we got it!  I'm wrapped!

"Yes, please stain the portico ceiling dark oak!".

This also inadvertently fixes our issue of the bricks and lintel not being flush above the front door.  It all worked out rather nicely!

Timber lined portico (beams yet to be clad)

The bricks were also cleaned yesterday, so here's how the house is looking now:

And the cabinetry:

I think this guy was measuring for the stone benchtop




Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Looking good guys! Don;t you just love those little bonuses! Our AC was meant to be an 18kw and they installed a 23kw unit. Merry Christmas to us too!

  2. Wow! That was a nice Christmas present, indeed - lockup done, fixing half-way through, and free timber-lined portico ceiling! Well done.
    It's quite a great feeling to get through Christmas and the New Year.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and blessed new year, too, from our family to yours!