Friday, 16 December 2011

Day 78: Joinery Invasion

Cabinetry, doors, architraves, skirting boards and fibre cement sheeting have moved into our main living space; all awaiting installation in their final resting places.

It's good to see the colour selections we made all those months ago.  I was never completely sure about any of the laminex colours I chose, and probably still won't be until I see them against their respective neighbours of floorboards, tiles, caesarstone and splashbacks.

At least the colours all look familiar to me, so I haven't completely forgotten the selections - they are in real life as I have remembered them in my head!

Kitchen drawers in Lustrous Elm:

Bathroom and Laundry cabinets in Hazlenut Wood:

Bedroom doors and wardrobes:
(interestingly, the hinges are already mounted to the architraves!)

A maze of cabinetry - great fun for little boys!

M's Accounts Department closed today, so I can be sure that we won't see a 'lockup' invoice before Christmas!

We will be having a site visit with the SS mid next week to view the cabinetry and other joinery installed. Then it's down tools and a quiet site until the 16th January when the painters arrive!


  1. Cabinetry looks great, Nat!

    What a nice Christmas treat - you can't complain about a couple of extra weeks without that invoice!


  2. I must stop commenting on how jealous I am! This will be the last time I write it... Even if i am still thinking it! LOL. I can't wait to see it all looks like it's going to be lovely.

  3. I have lustrous elm at work it's awesome, your choices will be perfect

  4. Hey Nat,

    The colour choices look fantastic. They will look great installed. Looking forward to seeing them.

    I love Danish furniture too. That couch you have on you wish list tab is to die for. Any idea of the price? I want 2 single chairs and a 3 seater couch. If it is too pricey I might have to end up going with the Tatler from OzDesigns.

  5. Thanks Ladies for the reassurance on our colour choices. I found kitchen cabinetry and bricks the hardest selections to commit to - months of deliberation and I was still umming and ahhing on the day at Studio M!

    Leanne - I'll be starting the task of pricing some furnishings in the New Year so plan to give Angelucci a call to get pricing on the couch. We also want a 3 seater and 2 single chairs, so I'll let you know what they come up with. As they custom make to your size and fabric choice, I suspect the price varies depending on that, but will give you an idea (I'm not expecting it to be cheap...we are also considering the Tatler as an alternative...or wait a year till the other necessities have been paid for!)

  6. What a great Xmas gift - so exciting!

    I love your choices, cant wait to see them all in place.

  7. Hi have been following your blogs, love reading them! I am interested to see your kitchen cabinet (with different height of drawers). If you don't mind could you share the measurement?
    TIA, Sandra

  8. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog :)

    The height of the kitchen drawers are as follows:

    Top: 15cm
    Middle: 22cm
    Bottom: 35cm

    My previous kitchen was custom designed and so I had the benefit of the experience of the designer in getting the height of the top drawer correct so it could fit items such as a whisk and soup ladle lying down and also the bottom drawer height is important to fit the tallest of my soup pots! The middle drawer was just the leftover space.