Saturday, 10 December 2011

Day 70: Plastered!

What a transformation plaster makes!  The plasterers started on Wednesday and finished on Friday - even the cornices are done.  They only need to sand, which I'm assuming will occur on Monday.  Walking through the rooms, the house feels somewhat familiar now.  Having traipsed through the display homes so many times, I can now see the resemblance between the model we selected and what we've been delivered.  It's a great feeling.  I could have stood in the rooms for hours, envisaging our future days there.

The brickwork didn't quite get finished on Friday, they are coming back Monday to do all the window sills and the front portico pillars.  Other than that it's all complete.  The brickies have done a great job, really pleased with the levels, particularly that all the bricks sit flush on the window lintels.  The Contract stipulated an acceptable tolerance up to 85mm which is an entire brick height!  I was nervous about paying extra to have brick infills and then not actually getting them completely!  So very happy the brickies measured the courses properly.  The front door lintel is another story, but the Site Manager pointed out at the start of the job that the door height wouldn't line up with the brick courses.  You can see what I mean in the picture below.

I'm still not sold on the Hawksburn brick.  I wish Austral hadn't discontinued the Hawthorn, it had much better variation and richer browns.

The other work scheduled to be squeezed in before Christmas are:

  • The bricks will be cleaned in about a week's time
  • Skirting boards and architraves to be installed Monday week (19th)
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry installed Wednesday 21st

I'm not sure when the eaves will be installed.  Technically they're the only item left in the 'lock up' stage.  Would probably be better to have the next stage payment occur before I finish Christmas shopping!  Not great to have the big January credit card bill and 20% house payment at the same time!  Ewww!

Our Site Manager will be on leave until 11th January, and I'm assuming (read: hoping) painting will commence sometime soon thereafter!

Here's the external shots:

As you can see in the picture below, the lintel doesn't sit on the door frame which is disappointing, but unavoidable if the brick courses are to line up.  Hopefully they fill the gap with a piece of timber and stain it, so it looks like part of the door frame.  Will check with the Site Manager next week.

And the internal shots:
Entrance Hallway view from front door



Rear hallway

Dining room

Left: Family Room
Right: Rumpus Room

Left: Kitchen, through to walk in pantry.
Right: Entrance hallway 

Ensuite: bath view

Ensuite: Shower and WC view

The pictures below show some pipework protruding from the hallway wall.  It does the same on the other side of the wall, which is in the kitchen, but will be covered by cabinetry.  The pipe runs under the slab and serves as conduit for power cables to the kitchen island bench.  I think they should have chosen a slimmer pipe!  Hopefully the carpenter will make skilful work of the skirting to hide it seamlessly...

Pipe protruding from the hallway wall. 

And finally, this is how a 16 month old keeps himself amused in a big empty house; by testing the ensuite sliding door...repeatedly...back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

Runs smooth Mum!

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