Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy Anniversary

It was Paul and my 3rd anniversary yesterday.  I thought I'd attempt a special dinner to celebrate and set about looking for a recipe for a smoked salmon tart, as Paul had bought some recently.  Then off down to the market for dill, capers and preserved lemon.  I used Maggie Beer's sour cream short cut pastry recipe, as this stays nice and soft and crumbly - nothing worse than a stiff crust on a quiche...

Anyway, two hours in the kitchen that evening and Paul and I sat down to my baking effort.  The taste was fantastic, just how I'd envisaged, but as I only had a deep pie dish at my disposal rather than a flat quiche dish, the presentation left a bit to be desired (think half filled open pie!).

We retired after dinner to the couch and watched an hour of TV, then off to bed.

... no flowers ... no card ... no back massage ... (crickets) ...

(Sigh) Three years in and the romance is dead already...

In hindsight, I probably would have scored better with a steak.


  1. V. funny Nat! Cam claimed the first year that we were married that a card was sufficient to meet the 'paper' theme of the first anniversary. I told him a few weeks ago that he must organise something spectacular for our 5th wedding anniversary next march! We shall see! LOL...
    ps i love maggie beers sour cream pastry, its a winner in this house too :)

  2. For your 3rd anniversary the traditional gift is leather. So I think you should go out and buy yourself a nice Mimco or Oroton handbag/wallet.

  3. Thanks for your support girls! :)

    Paul came home from work early the next day with a lovely big bunch of flowers. Yay!