Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 53: Electrical and Hydronic Rough In

Paul stopped by the house after work yesterday to get some photos of the electrical and hydronic heating rough in.

The Site Manager had called me first thing Monday to discuss a conflict between placement of one of the hydronic heating panels and a power and phone point.  I suspected this may come up, because it took me four attempts with the Drafting department to have them move the phone and power points to another location when the heating plan showed the conflict.  I got it fixed before our final plans were signed off, but it appears that's not the version the Site Manager or Electricians have in their possession!

In any case, our diligent SM called to ask how to resolve it before it became an issue (yay, he's my hero!) All sorted in five minutes over the phone and Paul double checked all is correct when he visited the site yesterday.  The SM said he likes to have a walk through with clients before plaster to check all wiring and plumbing is present and correct, so this will probably be sometime next week.

He also double checked the work order for the solar hot water and confirmed there were two panels ordered but only one installed, so the second one was delivered and installed yesterday.

The lock up carpenter he had booked for last Thursday fell through so a different one will be starting today to straighten walls for plastering and add a few extra noggins here and there.

The SM also called this morning, he was onsite with the brickies and wanted to double check we chose natural mortar colour before they started.  I'm so pleased to know he meets each of the trades on their first day onsite and calls with any queries that pop up.  So reassuring!

So excited to know the bricks are starting today.  Should take about 8 days to complete apparently.  Looking forward to seeing the progress on the weekend as our house takes on its true colours!

Powerpoint and Hydronic heating to the Rumpus Room: 

Hydronic heating to one of the bedrooms:

The contentious location of the phone and power points and hydronic panel in the Family Room (the phone and power moved elsewhere):

Hydronic heating pipework lagged up cosy in the ceiling:

Location of hydronic boiler:

Doors awaiting installation:

Two solar panels :)

Sand ready for the brickies to start!

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