Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 43: Put a lid on it!

Very excited! Our house has a roof!! And what a beauty it is!! The tiles came up really well, glad we paid extra for the flat tile. Looks like they did a pretty decent job too.

Our SS was onsite too doing his own frame inspection. He told us that he gets a finishing carpenter in to straighten up the walls, and fix all the minor faults. He was marking out quite a bit as we were leaving. We sneakily got him to throw in a few extra noggins for Toilet Roll Holders, TV Brackets, Towel rails, etc.

We did notice that there is some sarking in the roof, but only at a small area on the north and south side. SS told us that he wasn't sure why they do this, he thought it was something to do with dampness. I would have thought you would do the whole roof if that was the case, how curious.

He told us that the Solar Panels for the hot water get installed next week, they do a site clean, and the bricks should arrive for the brickies to start the following Monday. Its all happening Very Quickly!!

Oh yeah, and we had confirmation that Southern Star do not make a 300 series in a sliding window, so they sent us the 200 Series. Thanks for the notification Metricon. They have also ordered the Ensuite Fixed window in the correct size this time, should arrive next week.

AND... we noticed that our neighbours house has a for sale sign up. We heard this was going to happen at some stage, as the elderly lady living in it has moved into a home. We are just praying a developer doesn't buy it and turn it into townhouses. :(

Our roof in all its glory!

The view from rear.

Apparently this is where the TV Bracket goes. (subtle)

The view from the Lounge. Like our water feature? Also notice the sarking above.

The Rumpus / Home theatre. Good light in here.


  1. Nice work, looking good and it seems like your place is flying along. Lock up comfortable ahead of the xmas break.
    We had the 'hat' fitted today, being finished off Monday. Interested to know more about sarking because I haven't noticed any at our place.

  2. Cam, Roof sarking is a membrane that is fitted during tile or metal roof construction.  The flexible membrane is usually installed under the battens to provide thermal insulation and to prevent water and dust penetration in the roof space.

    What we can't work out is why it's only installed in 2 sections in the roof.