Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 36: Framing Complete & Plumbing

A nice surprise greeted us when we visited the house on the weekend.  We knew the frame had been completed Friday but we didn't expect to see the gutters and fascia on, or the plumbing rough in!

Very exciting!  The roof tiling should happen this week.

We are a little concerned that our upgraded aluminium windows are not as written in our spec, however.  We upgraded the living rooms to Southern Star Series 300 sliders, but having Googled the model number we've been supplied, ASW200, we discovered they are the 200 series windows.  I've raised it with the Site Manager and he's looking into it for us.

House from the front:

Gutters in Colorbond Monument, Fascia in Colorbond Dune:

House from the rear:

House from the North side:

House from the South side:

Ensuite Plumbing:

Hoping there's some extra fascia panels to come for the windows during final fit off - they don't look complete!

Laundry door:

 The ensuite window delivered was the wrong size (1200x1200 instead of 1200x1810) so this hasn't been installed.  The Site Manager has been back over the orders and can't work out why they've made the wrong size.  He's ordering the correct size.  Hope it's delivered before brickwork starts in the next couple of weeks!

The Independent frame inspection occurred yesterday and passed.  The Site Manager is yet to do his, which should be in the next day or two.


  1. Wow! It sure is all looking good. Can't wait to see the bricks come up. Love the fascia/gutter colour combination. It is the same as ours :)

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