Saturday, 29 October 2011

Day 29: Framing

Todays visit to site, although brief, was our most exciting thus far. We could really see what the house will be. We were very excited about the size and layout of all the rooms, it's nice to see the vision take place. We can definitely see ourselves living here, it feels like a home (wouldn't mind a roof though).

Some minor negatives, not biggies but a little disappointing. Our lovely timber casement windows were left out in the rain, and have filled with water. I hope this does not damage them permanently. Also, we realised there was no drain in the laundry floor. We assumed, wrongly as it seems, that this was standard. Dooh! Hope it doesn't flood when the washing machine blows up.

Anywho, our level of excitement is reflected in the short photo essay that follows. Apologies in advance.

Front Facade

The Entry. Welcome.

The DLUG! (Double Lock Up Garage)

View from our master bedroom of the street

View from our ensuite (seems a lot shorter than we had envisaged, hope we are not disappointed)

The Sitting Room / Study. Will be nice once we plant some foliage along the fence-line.

The open plan living area. Lounge on the left, kitchen on the right, and dining opening out to the verandah and backyard.

The butlers pantry. Really looking forward to seeing this one. Loads of storage.

The Rumpus Room. This room seems a lot larger than we thought it would be. We had to take out 240mm from the width of the house due to the block width.

Ahhh, the Street view. Love that tree.

The back of the house, from the backyard. Bedroom on the left, Verandah in the middle, and Rumpus on the right.

The Laundry. Can you spot the drain? hmmm

 Probably not the best place to put that door hey fellas? Hmmm. Please hold up fence!


  1. Lovely looking frame, can't wait till we are at that stage. In regards to the drain in laundry, at our old house we had completely overlooked that too...couple of years later our old top loader which used to use an insane amount of water overflowed while I was doing the school run, needless to say we could have really used that drain. I am wondering with Metricon if this is another "upgrade"?

  2. We got a drain in our laundry as standard with metricon qld

  3. We ummed and arred over to put a drain in the laundry or not. I the end we left it out - can't remember exactly why but probably because we thought it would end up in the wrong spot and wanted it UNDER where the washer would go. We don't like running appliances when we're not home so we'll see. Only flooded laundry once in 20 years when left a cleaning rag in the laundry trough and it blocked the drain - so it overflowed when the washer emptied. This time the washer will bypass the trough completely. BTW, we're a Paul and Nat as well, building with M in SE Melbourne. Hopefully will have PCI in a couple of weeks.

  4. Thats so odd, having no drain as standard in a laundry! As with Rachel & Sandy's build, they come standard here in NSW too - lucky because I never would have thought you would need to add it as a variation!

  5. Hi Nat, frame is looking good. I totally understand the need to take endless photos to share. It is so exciting seeing all the plans turn into a REAL house! I guess you guys are in a similar situation to us. Things are happening sooooo quickly and it is hard to keep up with the blog posting on a regular basis. I am aiming for once a week, but tonights posts was massive becuase so much is going on! Looking forward to an update.