Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 27: Deliveries

Drove past the site on Wednesday to hopefully see a frame, but alas much to our disappointment there was not much progress. Apparently the chippies got delayed finishing another job because of the rain. (You're welcome..whoever you are).

On that note, logged onto mymetricon and noticed that we apparently have a frame that I missed somehow.

Now I'm no expert but I always assumed you had to start something before you complete it. 

There were some deliveries, which is cool. All of our frame timber has arrived, and most of our windows as well as our rear sliding door.

Some arty timber shots. (Oli was sleeping and I was bored)

Here's the wood.  Not much else to say really. 

Believe it or not this is the first we have seen the Southern Star 300 Series Sliding windows or doors. Southern Star did not have any on display, nor could they give us a house in which they were installed, love buying stuff un-sighted.

Here's our Rear Sliding Door. (Southern Star 300 Series Sliding Door). Seems like a logical place to put it (in the driveway).

Our Rumpus, Lounge and Sitting room windows, the elusive Southern Star 300 Series Sliding.  Love the frame thickness.

Here are the windows, still some absent.  Not sure that's the best place for them, but space is limited.

Our SS also told us that our bricks are ready, but he has held off on the delivery due to aforementioned space issues.

Finally, here's a panorama of our slab that i took. Look at the size of it!! 

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