Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 11: Drainage

I met the drainage guys onsite early Monday morning to discuss the location of the storm water runoff to the street. I wanted to make sure they knew we are going to move the driveway and to therefore allow enough distance from the pipe to shape the kerb. I gave them a copy of the council drawings which show the crossing measurements and stipulate the minimum distance from the tree on the nature strip.  I didn't get a great feeling from the guy.  He said he'd speak to some of his guys about a solution later that day, took my number and the plans and said he'd call me later that afternoon.

Needless to say I didn't get a phone call at all that day, or since. Went to the site Tuesday to check it out and it doesn't look like they have installed stormwater to the kerb yet.  They've installed all the sewer and storm water pipes that go under the slab and dug a trench toward the back of the property for what looks like an inspection point. Unfortunately in doing this they dug up one of our apricot trees, and didn't bother to put it back!  It's just sitting on top of the ground!  This doesn't give me much confidence that they'll treat the nature strip tree with any care.  We are going away for the next week so I won't get a chance to be onsite for the works. I'm dreading what I'll return to.

Unfortunately we won't get to see the slab formwork, which would have been installed Wednesday and Thursday.  The site was looking pretty messy at our last visit.  I'll be relieved to return to Melbourne to a nice clean slab!

The uprooted apricot tree below, sitting almost on top of the tree it used to be some distance from:

Oli and I taking a stroll amongst the pipeworks:

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