Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Blast from the Past

Got a bit of a surprise yesterday when I received a spam from a Real Estate agent containing recent Auction results and saw that my previous house, which I spent 3 1/2 years extending and renovating, sold last month!  The owners only lived there for a little under 2 1/2 years - I wonder why they sold...

It was listed for $930,000 and sold for $1,021,000.

From what I can see the only change the people who bought it from me made was to add bi-fold doors between the dining/study and sitting rooms (and the furnishings of course!).

I spent 2 months removing bricks from the old part of the house and cleaning them by hand...ugghhh what a job!  Not to mention the months of scouring brickyards for matching red/blue clinker bricks!

I loved those skylights over the kitchen - we plan to put the same in the new house.  They are motorised opening and auto-shut if they sense rain!  I turned the old laundry behind the new kitchen into a butlers pantry.  About halfway through the fridge is where the old house used to finish.

I see my B&W ceiling speakers are still in residence!

Oh, the new owners added evap aircon.  I always planned to put refrigerative in when the budget allowed...just never got around to it (telling sign for the new house...?!)

After living in England for a year I was keen for some type of conservatory to eat breakfast in.  To adapt the idea to Aussie conditions I went with an open area with 10mm comfort glazing glass over the deck.  Took 3 months to come to terms with the price of the glass before I committed to it!  I never regretted it.  It was a lovely spot to eat dinner on a balmy summer evening.

My open toilet and shower setup which used to freak visitors out a little!  No one could see - it's only the driveway and it's fenced off!

My hedges are still alive in the planter box to the left!  I dug them up from the old garden and kept them alive in pots for 3 years!  Battlers!

The photos don't show the lovely liquidamber in the front yard, which was lovely shade to the front rooms from the North in Summer.  The tree is the reason I bought the house in the first place!

Ah, memories!  Makes me hunger for the new house all the more!  Framing is due to start today, the Site Manager called yesterday to say the rain held up the framer finishing his previous job so there's been a few days delay on starting ours (he was supposed to start Monday).  Hopefully some pics to take this weekend!

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